Mastic Siding Prices, Installation, Reviews (2024 Guide)

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
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Over the years, Mastic siding has become one of the top choices for homeowners and builders.

With a wide range of styles available, you can choose a siding for your home that’s low maintenance, resistant, and environmentally friendly. 

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What Is Mastic Siding?

Mastic siding is easy-to-install vinyl panels designed to cover the exterior walls of a house or building.

The siding provides the luxurious aesthetic of wood and the durability of vinyl.

Homeowners can choose from various colors, materials, and styles. 

The main characteristics of Mastic vinyl siding are its durability and easy maintenance.

The panels can be made from various materials, including vinyl, aluminum, and steel. This makes them sturdy, and prepared to endure extreme weather

Vinyl siding requires little maintenance and is easy to clean.

Exposure to sunlight doesn’t deteriorate the paint or material, so homeowners won’t have to anticipate repainting expenses.

Mastic vinyl siding is designed to remain in good condition for many years. 

Mastic is North America’s leading company in exterior home products.

The company has been a part of Ply Gem Corp since 2006.

The Mastic catalog is not limited to vinyl siding, it also offers fences, railing, windows, patio doors, and designer accents for siding. 

Average Cost Of Mastic Siding

Mastic siding comes in different category levels with different styles and characteristics.

You can choose between basic siding, better quality, or premium.

The cost for all Ply Gem siding is estimated per square foot. 

The average cost for 100 square feet of Ply Gem vinyl siding is $300.

You’ll have to add the cost of installation to the cost of materials.

On average, installation will cost you $290 per 100 square feet.

This means the total cost of mastic vinyl siding, including installation, will be $590 per 100 square feet

Mastic Siding Cost By Style 

Mastic offers lap, vertical, and shake & shingle siding styles.

Here are each style’s main characteristics and cost per 100 square feet. 

Siding Cost by Style per 100 Sq. Ft. Cost
Lap $90-$550
Vertical $290-$720
Shake & Shingle $290-$900

Mastic Lap Siding

Lap siding, also called clapboard, consists of long, flat panels that overlap to prevent water from getting to the walls.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose between narrow, regular boards or a wider alternative, ranging between 3” and 7”.

This kind of siding also offers various colors and finishes, including rustic and wooden textures.

Vinyl lap siding costs between $90 and $550 per 100 square feet. 

Pro Tip: Look for a vinyl panel with at least a 110-mph wind speed rating if you live in an area with over 90 mph wind gusts. While siding is designed to endure extreme weather, hurricanes may damage some models. 

Mastic Vertical Siding

Vertical siding recreates a beautiful colonial style, enhancing the curb appeal.

Like other siding styles, it’s available in different thicknesses, colors, and textures.

The cost for vertical vinyl siding ranges between $290 and $720 per 100 square feet. 

Mastic Shake & Shingle Siding

Shake & shingle is high-end vinyl siding that resembles the texture of wood.

These are primarily used on small houses or as an accent in large properties.

This is the most expensive siding, ranging from $290 to $900 per 100 square feet. 

 Vinyl Shake Siding Costs
Low End
Mid Range
High End
Cost / S.F.
Total Cost
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Mastic Cost By Siding Material 

Mastic siding can be found in vinyl, aluminum, and steel.

Each one has distinctive characteristics homeowners must consider before making their choice.

Siding Cost by Type per 100 Sq. Ft. Materials Installation Total
Vinyl $110-$350 $200-$800 $310-$1,150
Aluminum $120-$380 $350-$850 $470-$1,230
Steel $100-$390 $250-$980 $720-$1,000
Insulated $380-$1,000 $720-$1,000 $1,100-$2,000

Mastic Vinyl Siding

Vinyl is the most commonly purchased Mastic siding.

It’s the most affordable variety available and is also highly resistant.

Mastic vinyl siding is designed to endure intense heat, direct sun exposure, hurricane winds, and more.

The technology ensures the sustainability of the siding for many years with little maintenance required.

The price for vinyl siding ranges between $110 and $350 per 100 square feet.

The installation cost ranges from $200 to $800.

Mastic Aluminum Siding

If you want your home to be environmentally friendly, aluminum siding is perfect.

Mastic aluminum siding is easy to install and lightweight, as well as completely waterproof.

It is 100% recyclable and is manufactured with up to 67% of recycled materials.

The cost of aluminum siding ranges from $120 to $380 per 100 square feet.

The exact cost will depend on the style you choose.

The installation costs of Mastic aluminum siding is between $350 and $850 per 100 square feet. 

Mastic Steel Siding

Steel siding is more durable than any other material.

It also has a weather-sealed coating that will protect your home exterior from weather exposure, keeping it pristine for many years.

Mastic steel siding costs between $100 to $390 per 100 square feet.

The cost of installation is between $250 and $980 per 100 square feet. 

Mastic Insulated Vinyl Siding

The insulated siding looks similar to vinyl siding. However, this siding has a rigid foam insulation core.

An insulation system in a household will help you reduce utility bills, as the temperature inside the house will be more stable during winter and summer.

This siding will require more of an upfront investment as the materials and installation costs are higher.

The price for 100 square feet of Mastic insulated vinyl siding is between $380 and $1,000, while the installation cost ranges from $720 to $1,000.

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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Mastic Siding Cost Per Square Foot

Here you’ll find the cost per square foot of Mastic Ply Gem siding for all available styles and materials. 

  • Lap siding. Vinyl lap siding costs between $1 and $5.50 per square foot
  • Vertical siding. The cost for vertical vinyl siding ranges between $1 and $7 per square foot
  • Shake and Shingle. This is the most expensive siding option, costing from $2 to $9 per square foot
  • Vinyl. The cost per square foot ranges between $1.10 and $3.50
  • Aluminum. The aluminum siding costs range from $1.20 to $4.50 per square foot. The cost will depend on the style you choose. 
  • Steel. The cost of steel siding will is anywhere from $1 to $3.90 per square foot.

Pro Tip: In multi-story new construction, it is recommended to install the drywall and roofing materials before installing the siding. This will help reduce panel bulging in the floor where shrinkage and compression commonly occur. 

How Much Does 2000-Square-Foot Mastic Vinyl Siding Cost?

For a 2000-square-foot home, vinyl siding will cost between $2,200 and $7,000.

The price will depend on the style you choose for your home.

Vinyl siding comes in various colors, styles, and finishes.

The cost of installation will range between $4,000 and $16,000.

How Much Does It Cost to Put Vinyl Siding on a 1000-Square-Foot House?

For a 1000-square-foot house, the vinyl siding investment will range from $1,100 to $3,500, while the installation cost will be between $2,000 and $8,000.

Mastic Siding Accessories And Accents

Mastic also offers various accents and accessories that make your home look outstanding.

Here are the types of trim and accents you can choose from. 

Door Surrounds and Mantels

You must focus on the door and windows for a simple yet elegant addition to the home exterior.

Adding a door surround or a mantel will add symmetry and height to the property.

On the other hand, keystones, dentil trim, and endcaps add a formal touch.

Corner Posts

Corner posts made of vinyl are durable for many years and require little maintenance.

These kinds of finishing touches give a house a unique look, increasing curb appeal.

Door and Window Casing

With any siding style you’ve chosen, adding casings to the door and windows will enhance the curb appeal, giving your home a classy look.

In addition to their luxurious appearance, casings have a practical purpose, keeping water from seeping inside the walls and preventing insect infestation.


The gables, eaves, columns, windows, and doors can be decorated with low-maintenance mouldings.

Homeowners can choose from various shapes, sizes, and styles, from simple to intricate. 

Where To Buy Mastic Siding

Homeowners can purchase Mastic vinyl siding directly from the manufacturer.

Additionally, you can find Ply Gen products in retailers such as Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Both retailers offer installation services.

However, this service is not provided directly by them. Instead, they’ll locate a contractor in your area and oversee the installation process to guarantee customer satisfaction.

What Is Mastic Siding Made Of?

Mastic Ply Gem siding is made of vinyl in most cases.

However, you can also find siding made from aluminum and steel.

The latter is slightly more expensive.

All three materials are low maintenance, so homeowners won’t have to worry about repainting, caulking, or sealing the siding over time. 

 Vinyl Siding Costs
Low End
Mid Range
High End
Cost / S.F.
Total Cost
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What Colors Does Mastic Come In?

Mastic offers siding panels in a wide range of hues, from clear colors such as almond, cameo, and classic cream.

You can also find earth tones, including sandstone, wicker, and American Walnut.

You have other alternatives, including grey, green, and blue shades.

Pro Tip: If your house has a flat board exterior, you can install vinyl siding over it. You need to make sure the wood is not rotten. If so, you can replace the boards instead of removing the entire siding. This will not decrease the installation cost but won’t add to it. Removing existing siding will add, on average, $1,000 to the installation cost.

Mastic Siding Reviews

Mastic siding offers an affordable choice to improve the appearance of your home, and many customers have pointed that out as one of the brand’s main attributes.

However, other customers have indicated that the siding faded despite being assured by the manufacturer that it wouldn’t fade. 

Customers who’ve encountered warping, rippling, and design flaws, have mentioned that they’ve had difficulty when using the limited lifetime warranty.

Most homeowners who’ve chosen Mastic Ply Gem siding for their properties are satisfied with the product.

Mastic Siding Pros and Cons

Mastic Ply Gem siding has many beneficial features besides adding to the curb appeal of your home.

Here’s a list of the pros and cons of Mastic vinyl siding.

Pros of Mastic Ply Gem Siding

  • Curb appeal. Mastic Ply Gem siding has a wide range of colors for homeowners to choose from and give their homes a personal style. 
  • Purchase and installation costs. Vinyl siding is one of the most affordable materials for home exteriors. For example, fiber cement may cost twice as much as vinyl siding for materials alone.
  • Durability. The technology used to make vinyl siding enhances its durability. Even after several years, the siding won’t fade, dent, or crack. 
  • Weather protection. Ply Gem uses different protectors such as Duranyl 5000, which provides UV protection. Kynar 500 is another product that prevents the color from fading due to sun exposure.
  • Locking system. The panels of Mastic vinyl siding have an interlocking technology that allows them to remain tight in case of extreme weather.
  • Low maintenance. Mastic vinyl siding doesn’t require extensive maintenance, such as painting and staining.
  • Limited lifetime warranty. Mastic Ply Gem siding has a limited lifetime warranty that will cover any manufacturing issue that may arise, even years after the installation of the siding.
Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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Cons of Mastic Ply Gem Siding

  • Color fading. While the manufacturer claims the siding won’t fade over time, this may happen in darker colors after 5 to 7 years. 
  • Material deterioration. Of all the alternatives available, the most affordable ones are more prone to dent upon impact.
  • Installation costs. While Mastic vinyl siding installation may seem easy, it is a job you’ll have to hire a professional to do efficiently. A faulty installation will bring problems such as cracking, warping, and bulging in the future. Additionally, the limited lifetime warranty of the siding doesn’t cover damage caused by faulty installation.

Mastic Siding vs CertainTeed

CertainTeed is another vinyl siding manufacturer.

Compared to Mastic, it’s slightly more expensive but still cost-effective.

CertainTeed siding costs between $4.50 and $9 per square foot

The main difference between the two companies is that CertainTeed has focused on environmental sustainability more than Mastic.

Most of CertainTeed products are made from recycled materials.

According to customer reviews, CertainTeed vinyl siding deteriorates over time.

Pro Tip: When choosing a new siding, you must consider your budget. However, keep in mind, a new vinyl siding promises at least a 75% return on investment when selling your home. 

How To Install Mastic Vinyl Siding

Installing Mastic vinyl siding may seem like an easy process.

However, it should always be done by professionals.

Here are the main steps of the installation process.

  • Preparation of the walls. Mastic vinyl siding must be installed over sheathing to provide a smooth surface. A weather-resistant barrier must also be applied to the sheathing to avoid damage by incidental water infiltration. 
  • Flashing application. Any opening, such as doors and windows, must have a flashing installed like roofing felt or aluminum coil. This will prevent water infiltration. 
  • Installation of the panels. Vinyl siding panels must be nailed to the sheathing. The first panel must be fastened along the entire length to ensure it is properly secured. The nail penetration for all the panels should be no less than 1-1/4”.
  • Once the first panel is installed, it’s time to add the rest of the panels. As most Mastic siding is designed to overlap, placing each panel in the right place before nailing them to the sheathing is essential.

How To Clean Mastic Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding is very easy to maintain.

You can use a soft brush and a garden hose to clean dirt from the panels.

In case of significant dirt, you can also use a homemade solution made of 1/3 cup detergent, 2/3 cup trisodium phosphate (TSP), and 1 gallon of water

Does Mastic Siding Fade?

Mastic Ply Gem siding does not fade over time.

Most of the siding models have a special coating to protect your house exterior from weather exposure, especially direct sunlight.

The manufacturer ensures the color of the siding will continue to look as good as new for many years after installation.

According to customer reviews, however, some fading may occur in darker colors after 5-7 years.

If you want to prevent the risk of eventual fading, the best alternative is to choose lighter colors with dark accents.

 Vinyl Siding Costs
Low End
Mid Range
High End
Cost / S.F.
Total Cost
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Where Is Mastic Siding Made?

Mastic is the number one siding manufacturer in North America and is part of Ply Gem Corp.

The company headquarters is located in Cary, North Carolina.

They have manufacturing plants in several locations across the United States including Virginia and South Carolina.

What Is The Thickness Of Mastic Siding?

The minimum thickness requires for siding is 0.035 inches.

Mastic siding panels offer several alternatives, from the minimum required to 0.046 inches thickness, which is 31% thicker than the minimum.

Pro Tip: If you’re looking for a style that will look classy for many years, white siding with darker trim is one of the top choices.

Is Mastic Siding Good?

Mastic Ply Gem siding is a good quality product designed to enhance curb appeal.

The vinyl panels will require little to no maintenance.

They are available in a wide range of hues allowing homeowners to express their style for their home’s exterior.

Picking A Siding 

For home renovations or new construction, vinyl siding has become one of the homeowner’s top choices to provide their homes with an outstanding-looking exterior.

Mastic siding is a cost-effective alternative, that is low maintenance and will stand the test of time. 

Mastic offers a wide range of siding styles, colors, accessories, and accents you can add to your home exterior to enhance curb appeal.

Being one of the most affordable brands in the market, Mastic vinyl siding is an excellent alternative for your home exterior.

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
See costs in your area

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