Everlast Siding Cost, Installation, Reviews (2024 Prices)

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
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If you’re considering installing high-quality siding on your new build or want to replace the existing siding, then Everlast siding is an exceptional choice.

The company has been in business for a little over a decade now, but its siding beats most of the options on the market.

The siding is attractive, durable, and low-maintenance, the three primary features homeowners seek in a siding. 

What Type Of Siding Is Everlast Siding?

Everlast siding is a type of advanced composite siding.

The composite is made from a proprietary blend of inorganic minerals, polymer resins, and acrylic colorants.

The final product is a thick, cellular Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) material that’s durable, robust, and requires minimal maintenance.

The siding also has an authentic woodgrain texture of real cedar, giving it a wood-like appearance. 

How Much Does Everlast Siding Cost?

Everlast products cost between $3 and $7 per square foot.

That means the cost of buying materials that cover a 100-square-foot space ranges between $300 and $700

Installing the siding requires additional materials such as trim, fascia pieces, house wrap, nails, starter courses, F channels, and J channels.

These additional materials may cost an extra $1 to $2 per square foot.

The materials for the entire project cost from $4 to $9 per square foot

The labor cost for installing Everlast siding products ranges between $2 and $4 per square foot, which means a homeowner will spend from $200 to $400 per square (100 square feet of space). 

The total cost of installing Everlast siding per square ranges between $600 and $1,300.

So, for a 1,000-square-foot space, the owner will spend anywhere from $6,000 to $13,000.

Everlast Products Cost Avarage Cost per Square Foot Average Cost per Square
Siding Product $3-$7 $300-$700
Installation Materials $1-$2 $100-$200
Labor $2-$4 $200- $400
Average Total Cost $6-$13 $600-$1,300

Pro Tip: The labor cost may vary significantly depending on the contractor wages in your state and the amount of work required. For instance, replacing siding may be more expensive than installing it on a new build due to the additional work required to remove and dispose of the old siding. That’s why it’s a good idea to consult a reputable contractor for an accurate and personalized quote. We also suggest getting quotes from several contractors to understand the average market price. Doing so will help you pinpoint contractors with inflated estimates and prevent getting taken advantage of. 

How Much Is Everlast Siding Per Square?

Everlast’s siding plus installation materials cost between $400 and $900 per square.

Labor costs range from $200 to $400 per square.

So, the average total cost of installing Everlast siding per square is between $600 and $1,300.

Please note that the above averages are estimates and should not be treated as the final price.

After all, the cost of labor and materials is volatile and subject to market changes. It is also expected to increase over time due to inflation.

Therefore, we recommend adding 15 to 20 percent to your final budget as an edge against price fluctuations.

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
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Everlast Siding Installation

One of the greatest selling points of Everlast siding is easy installation.

The material is lightweight, and the installation doesn’t require specialized materials.

In fact, one person can complete the job, provided they have the required expertise. 

Everlast can be installed in 5 simple steps as follows: 

  1. Prepare the wall by getting rid of debris and mold. Also, ensure the wall is flat. Consult installation instructions to see if furring strips are required.
  2. Install a high-quality, weather-resistant barrier.
  3. Flash around windows, doors, and other transition areas between dissimilar materials.
  4. Install pocket trim that’s at least ¾” wide and ⅝” deep.
  5. Starting from the bottom of the wall, install the first Everlast panel, ensuring it is level. Use the recommended fasteners to attach the panel to the furring strips.

The labor cost for installing Everlast products ranges between $2 and $4 per square foot.

Who Installs Everlast Siding?

Everlast siding products can be installed by a licensed siding contractor, or a certified installer trained by Everlast.

A homeowner can find qualified installers in their area through a quick online search.

Alternatively, they can visit the Everlast Siding website or call 877-262-8807 to hire a certified contractor from the company.

Hiring a reputable, professional installer with experience in composite siding installation is recommended to ensure proper installation and avoid potential issues resulting from improper installation.

Did you know? Everlast siding is 543% thicker than vinyl siding

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Everlast Accessories

Accessories that go well with Everlast siding include: 

  • Everlast color-matched trim
  • J-Channel
  • Lineal
  • Outside corner post
  • Casing
  • Brickmould
  • Water table

All the above accessories are made from PVC and can be found on the Everlast Siding website. 

Everlast Reviews

When choosing the best siding for your home, you shouldn’t rely solely on the company’s word.

You also need to know what previous buyers are saying about the product’s performance.

Fortunately, past customers have a lot of good things to say about Everlast.

Some of the positive reviews include:

  • Doesn’t require maintenance and repainting
  • Looks and feels like real wood thanks to its wider thickness and embossed texture
  • The color doesn’t fade or peel
  • Exceptional customer service

The main complaint about this siding is that the upfront costs are higher than other siding options like wood and vinyl. 

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Who Sells Everlast Siding?

Everlast’s siding is widely available nationwide, with a network of dealers and distributors offering convenient access for interested buyers.

You can visit their website and use the locator to find a dealer near you.

Who Owns Everlast Siding?

Everlast is owned by Chelsea Building Products, one of the leading manufacturers of building products in the U.S.

They have been in business since 1975, and millions of their products have been installed on homes across Canada and the USA. 

Where Is Everlast Siding Made

Everlast products are made in the USA.

The whole production process is in-house, making them a truly made-in-USA company.

The company is headquartered in Oakmont, PA. 

Everlast Siding Pros 

Resistant to Fading

Everlast’s siding is resistant to fading and doesn’t require painting.

The color will still look as good as new even 20 years down the road.

In fact, the company is so confident in the product’s color retention that they back it with a double-lifetime warranty

Minimal Maintenance

Unlike many other siding materials, Everlast is virtually maintenance-free.

It doesn’t require caulking, painting, or staining unless you choose to.

All you have to do is wash it occasionally.

Even better, the washing process does not require special detergents and equipment. A mixture of water and vinegar will do just fine.

This minimal maintenance yields a high return on investment over the long term. 

Highly Durable

Everlast guarantees that its siding products can last more than 50 years.

However, the product may last as long as the house is standing.

In case of minor damages, the faulty planks can easily be replaced with new ones, and the entire siding will remain in good condition. 

Impermeable to Insect Damage

Some siding materials, such as wood, are an excellent food source for insects because they contain cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin. As a result, they are vulnerable to damage from termites, beetles, and carpenter ants.

Insect damage often leads to costly repairs and extermination services.

Everlast’s siding cannot be infested by insects, giving homeowners peace of mind that their property is safe.

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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Everlast Siding Cons

Limited Color Options

Everlast offers a spectrum of 15 distinct shades for their siding, with options ranging from contemporary to modern.

While this range is extensive enough to satisfy most buyers, it may still fall short of catering to individual preferences.

If you don’t find a color you like from the options, consider a custom paint solution to personalize your project.

Hefty Upfront Cost

With Everlast, quality comes before cost. Therefore, it might not be the best option for people working on a tight budget and looking for inexpensive siding.

Although, it’s an excellent choice for homeowners who want high-quality siding above all else.

Regardless of its hefty upfront costs, the product is durable and virtually maintenance-free.

The heavy upfront cost tends to pay for itself in the long term.

Not Friendly to the Environment

Everlast siding products are made from inorganic minerals, polymer resins, and acrylic colorants, among other petroleum-based products.

All of these compounds are artificial and do not decompose. They harm the environment by releasing small amounts of PVC into the atmosphere.

However, the company claims its products are recyclable and environmentally safe.

If you’re environmentally conscious and want eco-friendly siding, we recommend choosing wood, steel, brick, or stone materials. 

Voided Warranty

If you get tired of the color of your siding and opt to give it a fresh coat of paint, be forewarned that you may inadvertently void your warranty.

While painting the product does not pose a risk of damage, it is a practice that the company frowns upon. 

Using strong cleaning agents like chlorine bleach can ruin the appearance of your siding and also void the warranty.

Exercise caution when maintaining your siding to ensure you don’t void the warranty.

Is Everlast Siding Easy To Install?

Everlast’s siding is relatively easy to install compared to other siding materials like fiber cement.

It is half the weight of fiber cement, thus very easy to handle.

Therefore, the labor cost for installing Everlast siding is usually less than other siding options, including stone, brick, and fiber cement.

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How To Cut Everlast Siding

To cut Everlast siding, follow the steps below:

  1. Place the plank you want to cut on a flat surface.
  2. Using a plywood blade or a fine-toothed vinyl blade, cut the plank at a 90° angle. For a clean and unified joint, ensure the edge of the cutting tool is very sharp. 
  3. You can also use a scoring tool and snap the plank across the scoreline. 

Contractors appreciate Everlast’s siding because it produces a clean cut.

Pro Tip: Dealing with sharp tools is risky. Therefore, ensure you wear protective gear during the process to prevent accidents.

How to Install Everlast Board and Batten Siding

To install Everlast Board and Batten Siding, follow the steps below:

  1. Prepare the wall. Ensure the surface is flat and has a wood sheathing that’s at least 7/16″. Once the sheathing is in place, install 1″ x 3″ horizontal furring strips every 14″ from the center. These strips will create a flat surface for attaching the Everlast panels. Now install a weather-resistant barrier to prevent any water penetration. 
  2. Create a balanced wall by following the instructions in the installation manual.
  3. Cut the panels using a plywood blade or a scoring tool.
  4. Install the first Everlast plank from the bottom of the wall as you work your way up. Use the recommended fasteners to attach the planks to the furring strips.
  5. Once the first panel is installed, attach the batten to the panel’s vertical seam using the recommended fasteners.
  6. Continue installing panels and battens until the entire wall is covered. Ensure that each panel is level and that the seams are aligned.
  7. Once all panels and battens are installed, add trim pieces around doors and windows and any other desired areas.

Pro Tip: With Everlast Board & Batten siding, you must leave a 1/4″ space at the top for expansion and contraction. Ensure you consult the installation manual for all the measurements and other specifications. 

Please note that Everlast Board and Batten siding is for vertical application only.

Please don’t install the product horizontally. 

How To Clean Everlast Siding

Cleaning is the only maintenance required for Everlast siding products.

If the product has mold, the company recommends using water and vinegar to remove it.

Clean it gently using a soft bristle brush to avoid surface abrasion. 

For tough stains such as oil, topsoil, felt-tip pen, bubble gum, and so on, use readily available house cleaners such as Fantastic®, Murphy’s Oil Soap®, and Windex®. 

Avoid using cleaners that contain organic solvents and aggressive ingredients because they could ruin the siding’s appearance and void your warranty.

The cleaners to avoid include liquid grease remover, chlorine bleach, nail polish remover, furniture polish/cleaner, and isopropyl alcohol.

How To Repair Everlast Siding

The only way to repair Everlast’s siding is by replacing the damaged planks with new ones.

Just be careful not to ruin the neighboring undamaged planks in the process.

To remove and repair damaged Everlast planks, follow the steps below:

  1. Cut the damaged plank horizontally, one inch from the top using a utility knife.
  2. Remove the lower section of the plank.
  3. Using a flathead screwdriver, pry loose the seam brackets connecting the damaged plank to the adjacent board. 
  4. Remove the fasteners holding the top section of the damaged panel using a reciprocating saw or other preferred tool.
  5. Trim 1/8 inch from the interlock at the back of the new plank
  6. Insert a new plank in place of the one you removed above.
  7. Using trim nails or color-matched fasteners, face nail the new plank as close to the top of the plank as possible.
  8. Repeat the above process for all damaged planks. 

Pro Tip: Minor damages are bound to happen during the life of your Everlast siding. Therefore, we recommend saving any extra planks because they can be used for future repairs.

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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What Is Everlast Siding Made Out Of?

Everlast’s siding is made from a composite of inorganic minerals, polymer resins, and acrylic colorants.

These three compounds collectively form a robust and recyclable form of PVC. 

Is Everlast Siding Paintable?

Yes, you can paint Everlast siding products, especially if you don’t find your preferred color in the options provided.

However, note that doing so may void your warranty.

So, should you decide to paint your siding, Everlast won’t be responsible if the siding gets damaged. 

Is Everlast Siding Fire Resistant?

Siding by Everlast is made from inorganic materials that will burn or melt when exposed to direct fire, thus exposing the underlayment product.

We recommend keeping sources of fire, such as combustible materials and barbecues, away from the siding. 

Does Everlast Siding Fade?

Siding from Everlast is resistant to fading thanks to its UV-resistant acrylic colorant that ensures color retention.

Unlike other siding materials, you’ll not need to paint or caulk the product every few years. 

How Long Does Everlast Siding Last?

Everlast’s siding is guaranteed to last at least 50 years.

However, the product can last as long as the home itself. 

Do You Need To Install Rainscreen Behind Everlast Sidings?

Everlast siding serves as a rain screen.

However, it is not a weather-proof barrier.

So, you must install the siding over a weather-resistant barrier.

Is Everlast Good Siding?

Overall, Everlast is a good siding.

It offers everything homeowners look for when shopping for siding, including durability, attractiveness, low maintenance, and great return on investment. 

While Everlast claims that their siding is recyclable, it might still not cater to homeowners who want environmentally friendly siding because it is made from petroleum-based compounds. 

Invest In The Future With Everlast Siding

Everlast siding is a superior choice for homeowners looking to enhance the beauty of their home’s exterior while not spending a lot of time on maintenance.

It is an innovative solution that combines the authentic look and feel of wood with the modern benefit of composite technology.

Regardless, installing the cladding on your home depends on your budget, preferences, and needs.

You must also weigh the pros and cons to determine if it’s worth the investment.

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
See costs in your area

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