2023 Home Depot Siding Prices, Pros & Cons

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $8,760
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If you are considering enhancing your house with new siding, Home Depot, the largest and one of the most trusted home improvement companies, is a great place to start.

The amount of Home Depot siding options helps make this retailer stand out.

Whether you are looking for new siding or just repairing the old ones, Home Depot has a selection that may suit your needs.

To get started on your siding replacement project, contact your local siding pros for FREE ESTIMATES!

Average Home Depot Siding Cost

One of the most important things to consider when buying siding for your home is your budget. You’ll need to consider the price of different siding materials, as well as installation charges.

With regard to materials, think about which of them would be the best fit for the style of your home, as well as your needs.

Also, consider their energy efficiency and, finally, how much the level of maintenance needed to take care of the sidings is important to you.

Siding options offered at Home Depot are reasonably priced, however, the total cost depends on the material, type, and brand.

On average, sidings at Home Depot cost around $5 per square foot.

With average labor costs added, the total cost of Home Depot siding installation on an average 2,000-square-foot house would be $10,500.

Home Depot Siding Cost Breakdown

Homeowners should expect a price range between $0.59 and $12 per square foot for the material, depending on the type of siding they choose.

The installation costs, however, may vary for many reasons.

Materials dictate the intensity of labor.

For instance, fiber cement siding installation will cost up to $8 per square foot because it demands a high intensity of labor. In addition, the region you reside in is also a cost-determining factor. 

All things considered, the average cost of labor for siding installation will be somewhere between $1-$5 per square foot.

What Types Of Siding Does Home Depot Sell?

Home sidings can beautify the exterior of your house, and also protect it from the elements and hazards.

Home Depot offers a rich collection of siding that will provide customers with a good selection of colors and materials.

This gives homeowners many options to consider, depending on their style and the design they prefer for their homes.

Siding Type Cost of Material per Square Foot Labor Cost per Square Foot Total Installation Cost for a 2,000-Square Foot House
Vinyl Siding $0.83-$6.32 $1-$4 $3,660-$20,640
Wood Siding $0.94-$12 $2-$5 $5,880-$34,000
Stone Veneer Siding $0.59-$9.75 $3-$5 $7,180-$29,500
Fiber Cement Siding $3.27-$5.20 $2-$8 $10,540-$26,400
Composite Siding $1.70-$11.17 $1-$5 $5,400-$32,340

Home Depot Vinyl Sidings

Home Depot vinyl siding is aesthetically pleasing and doesn’t require you to paint the house exterior in order to look amazing.

However, on a more important note, this material is very durable and long-lasting.

Vinyl is not susceptible to rotting and damage even in environments with high levels of moisture. 

Vinyl sidings are available in many colors and over 30 styles at Home Depot.

This, together with its low cost, makes vinyl the most popular siding material in the U.S.

However, even though it is fire-resistant and one of the most secure options, vinyl siding fades faster than other materials, giving them a lifespan of 15 years.

Did you know? Vinyl sidings have the most color options when compared to other siding materials. If your home’s aesthetic is one of your priorities, consider this type of material as your option.

The top brand of vinyl siding at Home Depot is Cellwood vinyl siding. It is made from premium quality materials.

Moreover, the special order program Home Depot offers gives buyers the possibility to choose from an even wider variety of colors and styles.

Also, by using the Cellwood visualizer tool when ordering samples online, it’s easy to find the right vinyl siding that is the best fit for your house.

 Vinyl Siding Costs
Low End
Mid Range
High End
Cost / S.F.
Total Cost
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Home Depot Wood Siding

One of the advantages of Home Depot wood siding is that it is quite lightweight and, therefore, easy to work with and adjust by trimming or sawing.

Wood siding is available as shingles, panels, and shiplap planks at Home Depot. 

Even though it requires special maintenance, wood is always a good choice of material and one of the oldest siding options.

With regular maintenance and inspection every three to five years, wood siding can reach its full potential life span of 40 years.

 Also, wood can be stained or painted in almost any color you want.

Home Depot wood siding is one of the best choices for homes, not only because of its durability over time but also because of its classic and timeless look.

The Cedar siding, for example, is very durable and can withstand extreme weathering. 

Another advantage of this type of siding is that wood is biodegradable and has a low impact on the environment.

Because it’s also quite easy to install, many homeowners decide to do the job themselves and avoid additional fees.

Pro Tip: Even though it increases the cost, wood sidings should be treated with a flame-retardant chemical in order to prevent fires.

Home Depot Fiber Cement Siding

The fiber cement siding looks beautiful because it can mimic a natural wood texture, but is also quite strong and durable.

It is made of a cement and wood pulp mixture, which is the perfect combination of the strength of cement and the flexibility of design associated with wood pulp.

Fiber cement is impervious to wood-boring insects and resists warping, cracking, and rotting

Home Depot offers over 60 different styles of this type of siding.

One of the best brands of fiber cement siding you can find at Home Depot is James Hardie siding.

Because of the technology behind its manufacturing, the fiber cement of James Hardie is considered first class.

The Hardie board is famous in the siding industry for its ability to mimic other siding materials such as wood siding, cedar shingles, and lapboards. 

Moreover, fiber cement siding from Home Depot doesn’t require maintenance.

In addition, you can either paint it yourself or purchase it pre-painted.

It’s also important to mention that ColorPlus finishes can be requested for this siding type through a special order. This feature includes the HardieZone System as well, which features products designed to perform especially well in extreme climates. 

All James Hardie sidings that can be found at Home Depot are fiber cement.

Another great fact is that Home Depot offers a variety of siding samples from the James Hardy brand at $1 a piece, which is convenient for customers and makes choosing the best option for their house easier.

Fiber cement siding has an average lifespan of 30 years, which is amazing considering it requires very little maintenance.

Since it can resemble other materials, Home Depot fiber cement is a great wood-looking siding option that is more affordable than actual wood but with no fire hazard.

However, even though it is a more affordable option, the difficult installation process raises the overall cost.

Did you know? The fiber cement siding is fireproof and also resistant to pests, rot, and fading.

 Fiber Cement Siding Costs
Low End
Mid Range
High End
Cost / S.F.
Total Cost
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Home Depot Stone Veneer Siding

If you like the look of natural stones, but cannot afford them, stone veneer siding is a perfect option.

With Home Depot stone veneer siding you can obtain a wide range of stone designs including stacked stone, castle rock, and river rock.

Stone veneer is easy to clean, and, since it is much more lightweight than natural stones, also easy to install.

Home Depot Composite Siding

As the name suggests, this type of siding consists of several materials bonded together with resins.

These materials usually include scrap wood, such as wood shavings and sawdust.

This composite wood siding option has been increasing in popularity across the U.S. because it mimics the appearance of natural wood, while it’s more durable and less expensive

Also, when composite wood panels are exposed to moisture, the resins used to bond these materials significantly reduce the expansion.

At Home Depot, you can find the three most popular composite wood styles: Peruvian teak, Spanish walnut, and Brazilian ipe.

Did you know? You should be cautious when considering online reviews for siding products. Since users often tend to leave a review shortly after the installation, they can be a bit unrealistic. The sidings are supposed to last for a long time, and reviews after such a short period are certainly limited mostly to first impressions. If you’re unsure about the quality of a product, make sure to consult a contractor or a local siding expert.

Siding Brands At Home Depot

Home Depot offers more than 50 brands of different sidings.

Apart from some of the aforementioned famous brands, Home Depot offers famous options such as Plytanium T1-11, LP SmartSide Wood Siding & Trim, Ply Gem, and GAF Premium Products.

A part of the Georgia-Pacific Building Products line, Plytanium T1-11 siding is made from pine plywood.  It gives a classic traditional look to your home and is quite resistant to the elements.

Also, it is relatively simple to install and after treating it with a moisture-resistant bond, this siding can be either stained or painted in many different colors. 

However, an important thing to consider regarding prices and the choice of brand is that this type of siding provides 60-70% as much insulation as wood of one-inch thickness.

LP SmartSide Wood only offers composite siding, but you can choose options with different and unique aesthetic appeals.

Home Depot offers Ply Gem sidings in over 10 styles. This brand is a part of the Cornerstone Building Brands family, which is one of the most famous vinyl siding manufacturers in the U.S.

Home Depot also offers GAF Premium Products that include the famous fiber cement siding line WeatherSide.

WeatherSide siding, distinguished by its wavy shingles, will give any house a cozy, classic look, but more importantly, it offers many amazing features. It is easily installed and not only highly resistant to cycles of freeze and thaw but also resistant to fire.

Although WeatherSide siding costs three times as much as the Plytanium one, it has a 25-year warranty and extremely high durability.

Home Depot Siding Installation

While Home Depot also offers installation services for many of the products bought from them, in 2019, they stopped offering installation services for their sidings.

While buyers do have the option to install them themselves, some sidings are more difficult to install than others. In those cases, hiring a professional is a far better choice.

With professionals like Hamilton Eavestrough and Siding Installers, you can count on high-quality results. 

Vinyl sidings are the easiest Home Depot option for installation.

Fiber cement siding, meanwhile, is the most challenging to install and requires professional help. Thus, it’s the option with the highest installation cost. 

Did you know? In the 1980s, James Hardie pioneered the technology of fiber cement products.

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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What Is The Cheapest Siding Option At Home Depot?

Stone veneer siding is the cheapest siding option you can find at Home Depot.

There is also a range of more affordable vinyl siding options.

Did you know? With proper care, vinyl siding can last up to 60 years!

Home Depot vs Menards

Both Menards and Home Depot are famous home improvement retailers.

They both offer high-quality materials and tools, but also have some differences when it comes to pros and cons and pricing.

Some of the main differences between Home Depot and Menards are:

  • Menards has 335 stores throughout the Midwest, while Home Depot has over 2,000 stores located all across the U.S.
  • With Home Depot, you can voice-search on the app.
  • Home Depot also has a live chat function on the website, while Menards doesn’t.
  • Menards has a design tool on the website, while Home Depot doesn’t.

Where pricing is concerned, Menards items tend to be a bit cheaper than Home Depot. However, even though this is a subjective point, some people claim that the quality of certain products is better at Home Depot.

Menards Pros

  • Various products are available both online and in stores
  • Online services that include how-to videos and design builder
  • Home improvement products are offered at competitive prices
  • Online customer service help center answers common questions

Menards Cons

  • Only the Midwest has physical stores

Home Depot Pros

  • Variety of products with reasonable prices
  • Online services that include calculators for materials
  • Many delivery options
  • Retailer with many outlets nationwide

Home Depot Cons

  • Unlike Menards, doesn’t have a design tool

Home Depot vs Lowe’s

Both of these companies offer a wide variety of similar products at competitive prices and are the most frequent choice of DIYers who do home remodeling and improvement projects.

Here’s how these companies differ in some key points.

Both retailers have a price match policy that allows their customers to get the lowest prices for products if they have proof of a cheaper listing elsewhere. However, at Lowe’s this policy allows customers to match prices with Amazon products, whereas Home Depot allows price matching only with brick-and-mortar stores.

Both retailers have loyalty programs that give customers access to bargain prices and rewards.

Another difference is the brands these two retailers feature.

Lowe’s is more focused on brands that produce high-quality, pricier tools, while Home Depot has a wider range of products at prices that are slightly lower on average. 

Length (Front)
Width (Gable Side)
Number of floors
Roof Slope
Job Complexity
Siding Tear-off
Trim Windows
Trim Doors
Siding Material
Low End
Mid Range
Estimated Siding Cost: $0
High End

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Most Popular Colors Of Home Depot Sidings

Home Depot sidings can be found in many basic color families, such as beige, brown, black, white, and gray.

Some stone veneer sidings can even be found in colors like pink and purple.

The latest home exterior trends show that one of the most popular colors for sidings is James Hardie white. It is a classic clean look that adds sophistication and creates a clear canvas that allows you to add darker color accents.

James Hardie’s soft neutral colors like Cobblestone or Navajo are a bit more toned down than whites. Depending on the amount of sun, the color you choose for your home will make subtle but beautiful transitions throughout the day.

James Hardie colors such as Woodstock Brown, Timber Bark, or Mountain Sage will give your house a cozy richness that blends perfectly into the landscape. Your house will look beautiful with any of these Mother Nature-inspired earthy tones.

Finally, tones like Gray Slate or Iron Gray will give your house a classic elegant look that will definitely make it stand out in the whole neighborhood.

Did you know? James Hardie sidings have the added benefit of ColorPlus technology which is a baked-on color option that is resistant to fading, while not requiring extra maintenance.

Is It Worth Buying Home Depot Siding?

Home Depot offers siding products that, in general, have good quality, especially when their affordable prices are considered.

They offer a wide variety of options that have received positive reviews, and the buying process is quite easy.

This makes Home Depot a great choice when it comes to investing in sidings. 

Investing in home improvement, and sidings in particular is a big step and requires a lot of planning.

First, the materials and labor costs should be considered to determine if they fit your budget.

Then, all pros and cons of the preferred material should be studied, as well as the climate conditions in which the siding will be used.

Luckily, the range of different siding options at Home Depot – including brands, materials, styles, and colors – will help narrow your search and perhaps also inspire creativity.

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $8,760
See costs in your area

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