Vinyl Shake Siding: 5 Best Alternatives to Real Wood

Vinyl Shake Siding

If you love the look of cedar wood shake siding, but want a more budget-friendly and maintenance free alternative, vinyl shake siding is a great option. Thanks to technological advancements, manufacturers now make vinyl shake siding that closely replicates the look of real wood. At the same time, it is durable, long lasting and requires minimal maintenance. So much so, that vinyl shake is quickly winning over the hearts of many homeowners and builders, who would typically install wood fiber cement siding, such as James Hardie.Here is an overview of vinyl shake siding costs as well as 5 brands that… Read more »

Allura Siding: 12 Reasons Why It Should Grace The Exterior Of Your House

Allura Siding - Timber Wood Series

Have you stumbled upon Allura siding in your search for a fiber cement product for your house? Perhaps you have never heard of it, and this is because when it comes to fiber cement siding, Hardie Plank is a default choice in the minds of many homeowners and contractors. However, it is certainly not the ONLY and not necessarily the best choice. Allura USA is a premium fiber cement siding brand, that offers high quality products, with an abundance of profile, texture and color options. Today, many builders of luxury homes and condos prefer the curb appeal and durability of… Read more »

5 Reasons Nichiha Siding is Superior To Other Fiber Cement Brands

Nichiha Siding - Sierra Premium Shake

If you have your heart set on cladding your home with fiber cement siding, you have only a limited number of brands to choose from. You probably know James Hardie, Allura, and MaxiTile, but have you heard of Nichiha siding? Nichiha is a Japanese fiber cement siding manufacturer, specializing primarily in commercial siding projects around the globe. However, in recent years, Nichiha has ventured into the US residential siding market, with an impressive line up of beautiful siding options that will fit any architectural house style. If your house exterior calls for a premium material, Nichiha siding offers superior products… Read more »

Shake Siding: 4 Best Materials for Your House

Natural Cedar Shake Siding

Shake siding offers a timelessly charming look, unlike any other house exterior. It is an ideal siding for Cottage, Bungalow, Arts & Crafts architectural house styles. Most people associate shake siding with natural cedar wood shakes, and rightfully so. Cedar wood shakes is a classic siding material, that has been used on houses for centuries. However, today, there are other engineered siding material options. They offer the rustic look of shake at a lower price, and without costly regular maintenance of wood. Here are the 4 Best shake siding materials that may be a great fit for your house and… Read more »

How Much Hardie Plank Siding Costs – Material and Installation Prices

Hardie Plank Siding

Hardie Plank siding is a beautiful option for a high-end exterior remodel project. Whether you are planning to stay a while or sell your house, Hardie siding can tremendously improve the curb appeal and value of your home. In addition to great looks, Hardie offers great durability, longevity and low maintenance, so you can enjoy your new siding for years without any headaches. Find out how much it will cost to install Hardie Plank siding on your house. Here is an depth materials and installation price guide, a long with money saving tips from the siding pros. How Much Does… Read more »

Wood Siding Guide: Cedar, Pine, Fir, and More

No synthetic siding can match the natural look of wood! Wood siding can do wonders to enhance the beauty and elegance of your home exterior, which is why it still remains a favorite among many homeowners. While caring for wood is a high maintenance job, to those who have the time to do it and love the material’s natural beauty, wood siding is worth the investment. Lets take a closer look at the costs, pros & cons of wood siding, to help you decide if this is the ideal siding for your home. How Much Does Wood Siding Cost? Because… Read more »

All About Aluminum Siding

If you are looking to replace your house siding without breaking the bank, aluminum should be on your short list of materials to consider. Before vinyl siding was invented in the 1950’s, aluminum dominated the scene. While it is no longer as popular as it once used to be, aluminum siding remains attractive to many homeowners who are looking for an economical, but durable alternative to vinyl. It is important to consider all the pros and cons of aluminum to decide whether this material is a good fit for the style of your house and your personal needs. How Much… Read more »

Vinyl Siding Prices

If you are looking for an attractive, budget friendly material to replace old siding on your house, vinyl is a great option. Among the different products available to homeowners, vinyl siding still remains the most popular, installed on a wide range of house styles from modest Capes to stately Colonials. One of the greatest advantages of vinyl is that it offers a huge range of colors and styles, including ones that replicate the premium look of wood clapboard, shingles and even stone for a fraction of the cost. Installation is also quick and fairly simple, which helps to further reduce… Read more »

Siding Repair: Costs and Considerations

One thing that can really ruin the curb appeal of your home is damaged, peeling, warped or rotten siding. Doing the necessary repairs is one of those remodeling projects that not only greatly improves the look and feel of your house, but also offers one of the highest ROI’s; an important consideration if you are planning to sell your home. Repair costs can vary greatly depending on the extent of the damage and the siding you have. Here are up-to-date price estimates on the most common fixes for the top siding materials, to help you plan your budget. How Much… Read more »