2024 Cost Of Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

Typical Cost To Install Vinyl Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
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If you love the look of cedar wood shake siding, but want a more budget-friendly and maintenance free alternative, vinyl shake siding is a great option.

Thanks to technological advancements, manufacturers now make vinyl shake siding that closely replicates the look of real wood. At the same time, it is durable, long lasting and requires minimal maintenance.

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How Much Does Vinyl Shake Siding Cost?

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On average, homeowners across the US, spend $3-5 / sq.ft. on vinyl shake siding, including materials and installation. Thus, if you have a $2,000 sq.ft. home, you will spend about $6,000-10,000 on installing vinyl shake.

While Vinyl Shake siding is more expensive that a typical lap vinyl siding ($6.35 vs $4.79 per square foot), it offers a durable & beautiful alternative to real wood shakes, at a mere fraction of the cost.

Also consider virtually no maintenance (wood siding needs to be coated or painted every 5-8 years, which costs close to $2000 for a typical home).

So much so, that vinyl shake is quickly winning over the hearts of many homeowners and builders, who would typically install wood fiber cement siding, such as James Hardie.

You can use our Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator to quickly estimate the cost of your siding project, using a number of different materials, including vinyl.

Cost of Vinyl Shake Siding vs Classic Vinyl Siding

Compared to traditional vinyl siding, vinyl shake is almost double the price. This is primarily because vinyl shake siding is a lot more durable and long lasting. The shakes are much thicker and stronger than planks.

We recommend selecting 0.046” and thicker shake, which is considered premium residential grade. While more expensive, thicker vinyl siding is significantly better quality than standard grade.

It is more rigid, will not sag and will be a lot more impact resistant than thinner products. Also, vinyl shake has a stronger, more lasting finish, and will not fade and peel as quickly and noticeably as the cheap vinyl plank products.

If you love the look of shake siding, here is a guide to other siding shake materials, besides vinyl.

Vinyl Shake Siding vs James Hardie

Compared to real wood shake or Hardie fiber cement shake, vinyl is a considerably cheaper material.

Vinyl shake can cost 30-40% less than cedar shake, and 15-25% cheaper than fiber cement, depending on the brand you choose.

Additional Vinyl Shake Siding Costs

If you will want to paint your siding, budget about $650-800 for every 1,000 sq.ft.

Removing old siding is rather expensive, so you should make sure to include it in your budget. Depending on the size of your house, removing old siding will cost $1,000-3,000. This includes removing the material, renting a dumpster, and transportation and landfill tipping fees.

Keep in mind, that if you have a two storie home, or there are many architectural details, there will be a significant up-charge on labor.

For complex siding projects, contractors may charge as much as 50% more compared to standard, one storie, rectangle or square foot print houses.

The good thing about vinyl siding is that it is very easy to install, and does not require any special equipment or extensive training.

Still, you should make sure to hire an experiences siding contractor with good references, to ensure that installation is done according to manufacturer’s requirements and building code regulations.

5 Best Vinyl Shake Siding Products For Your House

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
See costs in your area

Here is an overview of companies that offer the best quality vinyl shake siding, with the most versatile style and color options.

1.Alside Vinyl Shake Siding

Alside is one of the leading manufacturers of vinyl siding products, as well as a wide range of other building materials, with over 60 years in business.

They offer Pelican Bay One Line of Shakes and Scallops specialty products. All shake products are designed by artisan mold makers. They boast uneven patterns that create a truly hand-crafted, rough-sawn look of real cedar shakes.

Moreover, they have a Durable polymer construction won’t crack, warp, rot or split, and a lifetime transferable warranty. You will never need to paint these shakes again.

Lastly, in independent tests, Pelican Bay One Shakes remained in tact in Category 5 hurricane winds.

You can choose from 3 beautiful profiles:

1. Standard 7 inch Shake (available in 25 standard colors and 5 premium weathered colors)
2. Staggered 10 inch Shake ( available in 25 standard colors. 5 premium weathered colors)
3. 6 inch Scallop Shingle for custom accents (available 25 standard colors. 5 premium weathered colors)

2. CertainTeed Vinyl Shake Siding

CertainTeed is one of the oldest and largest building products manufacturers in USA. They offer a high quality vinyl shake line, called Northwoods.

You can choose between a 7 inch straight edge shake or a 9 inch staggered edge one. Both are available in 17 beautiful colors.

These shakes are very high quality: .050″ thick, premium quality vinyl, Class 1(A) fire rating, and limited Lifetime Warranty. The realistic cedar impression finish is molded from real cedar, and has random patterns, just like real wood.

3. The Foundry Vinyl Shake Siding

The Foundry is a specialty siding division of a huge building materials corporation Tapco International. These vinyl shakes are designed for more high-end, or luxury homes or condos. They are manufactured from molds made of genuine cedar, creating a warm, authentic texture.

All products have a class A fire rating, lifetime warranty, are made from very rigid vinyl, and have very rich colors with a protective coating against fading.

The Foundry offers two Shake profiles. First is the Split Shake (most popular). It is available in a 7 inch exposure and an array of 31 beautiful color options.

The colors range from natural and rustic tones, to contemporary hues that would look stunning on any architectural style, and can be combined with other siding materials.

Alternatively, you can select the Staggered Shake, for a more rugged, rustic look. This product features irregular butt ends, pronounced grain lines and varied widths.

It comes in either 7 or 10 inch exposure, so you can create a truly custom look. Moreover, the Staggered Shake is also available in 31 colors.

4.Novik Vinyl Shake Siding

Novik is a Canadian company that specializes exclusively in Wood Shake and Stone vinyl siding. Their products are ideal for more upscale homes, as they offer a much more realistic look of cedar wood shake.

All Novik shake siding products are impervious to moisture and rot. They also don’t require any painting, staining or caulking. You can choose from the following products:

1. Rough Sown Shake (available in blended and solid colors)
2. Rough Sown 8 inch Shake (available in natural stain, blended and solid colors)
3. Perfect Shake – straight edge (available in solid colors)
4. Hand-split Shake (available in blended and solid colors)
5. Half-round Shake ((available in solid colors)

5. Mastic Vinyl Shake Siding

Mastic vinyl shake siding is made by PlyGem is a huge building products manufacturer, so you have a wide range of shake vinyl products to choose from.

Their more budget friendly line is called Passage and offers two products: the 7 and the 9 inch cedar shake.

Both are available in either 16 standard exterior colors or 14 premium exterior colors. Alternatively, you can choose their more premium products from their Cedar Discovery line. The profile options include:

1. Half-rounds ( available in 25 colors)
2. Hand-Split Shakes (available in 35 standard and 5 premium colors)
3. 7 inch Double (available in 35 standard and 5 premium colors)
4. 5 inch Triple Shakes (available in 34 standard and 3 premium colors)

Typical Cost To Install Vinyl Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
See costs in your area

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3 thoughts on “2024 Cost Of Vinyl Cedar Shake Siding

  1. Susan M. Lloyd

    May I use vinyl shake siding as replacement for my existing cedar wood shingles? The lower four rows of my shingles need to be replaced and I want to replace them with something more durable as my house is shaded on the deck side.

    1. Leo B Post author

      Hi Susan,

      Technically you could make it work, but really you shouldn’t … it will look weird, as the two types of siding are not really compatible.

      Vinyl shakes have locks on top and on sides, so the upper row lock must be concealed under real cedar shingles. The transition will be tricky and won’t look good. You also can’t really paint vinyl so it will be different color.

      I think it is better to just find some permanent paint. If your cedar is unpainted, use quality clear coat, and then wood will be preserved for long time, and you will only need to re-coat it once every 7-10 years.

      Good luck

  2. George

    Can I apply either The Foundry 10in. Vinyl Staggered Shakes or Cedar Impressions Double 9in. Staggered Rough Split Shakes over asbestos tile siding?