Choosing Siding Colors For Your House 2023

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
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Once you’ve decided on the siding material, the next important decision is the color scheme.

Your home’s exterior reveals warmth and style to the outside world. The siding color can also impact how you feel about your home.

The right colors can help make your home’s exterior stand out by bringing out its best features. This article provides questions to ask yourself when deciding on your siding color.

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Can You Paint Siding?

Yes. Although some sidings do not require painting, they can be painted if you so desire.

Certain siding materials, such as wood and stucco, must be repainted every five to ten years.

Vinyl siding generally does not require painting, but if you wish to change the color know that there are now many vinyl-safe paints to choose from.

What Does My Neighborhood Look Like?

A significant first step to making a decision on siding color would be to drive around and see what color schemes are used in the neighborhood.

Pay particular attention to properties with similar construction to yours.

Although you want to personalize your design, you can choose a color scheme that will look good and conform with other homes in the area.

You could consider more colorful options if you live in an eclectic neighborhood.

What Is My Property’s Architecture?

Your property style can guide you in the choice of siding colors.

For example, a colonial property’s siding is typically painted in one neutral color, like white.

Distinctive accents can provide a delicate yet contemporary twist to a traditional color scheme.

Other styles, including country or cottage, may allow more flexibility in choosing the siding color, or even multiple colors.

What Is The Size Of My Home?

Determining a siding color by looking at a swatch can be misleading.

A dark color may look rich and stand out initially. It can look depressing and intense when painted on the front of a mid-sized to large property.

Overly light colors can sometimes stop a smaller property from being distinctive.

Consider that light colors can neutralize the property elements you want to downplay, while darker colors emphasize the areas you wish to enhance.

What Is The Landscape Style?

What surrounds your home plays an essential role in selecting the right siding colors.

For example, a blunt, modern landscape blended with a candy-colored exterior may not work in a traditional neighborhood.

A brightly colored cottage-style garden may call for a more gentle siding scheme.

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What Is The Climate Like?

You’ll need to consider whether the overall scheme will work in various climates.

For example, the way a siding color looks on a bright, sunny day won’t be the same on a cloudy winter afternoon.

Remember that intense sunlight will make colors appear more radiant.

Thus, before deciding on a suitable siding color, consider how typical weather can affect the look of the color.

How Will Siding Colors Look Throughout The Day?

Consider testing to determine how particular siding colors appear in various light conditions during the day.

If possible, apply swatches of the colors you’re thinking about to different sides of your home, and look at them in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Paint your swatches close to exterior items that won’t change in color, like the brick foundation.

What Color Is My Roof?

Your roof color will probably last 20 to 30 years.

For this reason, the roof color should be factored in when choosing your siding color.

You may consider a lighter siding scheme if you have a dark-colored roof.

A more neutral roof hue can allow more flexibility.

Consider Complementary Siding Colors

In most cases, the siding color does not complete the color scheme, and the primary color will need darker or lighter accents.

Think about choosing up to three shades for updating your window trim, railings, and doors.

You can choose a complete color scheme by selecting one complementary color for a bright focal point and another color that’s a shade or two darker or lighter than your primary siding color.

Bring Out The Best Siding Colors

The best siding color depends on the current combination of hues in your trim, roof, front door, and other exterior elements in addition to the overall style of your home and surroundings. 

Choosing the wrong siding color can negatively affect the property’s entire look and its resale value. It can even affect whether the home sells or not.

However, if you take these considerations into account, you will have an easier time personalize your house’s siding color in a way that brings out its best features.

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
See costs in your area

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