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Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
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Alside Siding is a top choice among homeowners because it’s durable, requires low maintenance, and provides a wide array of styles and colors that guarantee long-lasting curb appeal.

Investing in this brand’s siding means enjoying both aesthetic appeal and peace of mind.

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What Is Alside Siding?

Alside is a brand of vinyl siding, which is a type of exterior cladding for homes and commercial buildings.

Vinyl siding is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is a popular choice because it is low maintenance, durable, and comes in various colors, textures, and styles.

Alside is known for its high-quality siding products and has been in business for more than 70 years.

They offer a range of siding options, including vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding, steel siding, and vertical siding.

Average Alside Siding Cost 

When it comes to Alside siding installation, siding product will cost you between $0.90 and $1.60 per square foot.

The labor to install the siding will cost you anywhere between $1 and $3 per square foot.

When you factor in materials and labor, the total cost per square foot will average $2.90

Cost per Square Foot Cost per 2,000-Square-Foot Wall
Alside Siding Products $0.90-$1.60 $1,800-$3,200
Materials and Supplies $1-$3 $2,000-$6,000
Labor Costs $1-$3 $2,000-$6,000
Total Cost $2.90-$7.60 $5,800-$15,200

Therefore, a 20-square-foot wall would cost approximately $5,800 on the lower end and up to $15,200 on the higher end.

This estimate includes the cost of the siding product itself, necessary materials, and labor expenses. It’s worth noting that these figures are only an estimate and can vary depending on your specific project.

See the section below to explore how these figures come about.

 Vinyl Siding Costs
Low End
Mid Range
High End
Cost / S.F.
Total Cost
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Alside Siding Cost Breakdown 

Here’s a cost breakdown for Alside siding.

Alside Product Cost

Alside has various siding products which come in at different price points.

Some of the popular choices include: 

Charter Oak Siding

This is Alside’s “flagship” product.

It is premium-grade and insulated with a thick foam that enhances a home’s energy efficiency.

This product has a durable, low-gloss finish that resists fading.

It also has a natural wood grain texture and comes in various colors and styles to match different architectural styles.

Charter Oak siding costs approximately $1.00 per square foot

Prodigy Vinyl Siding

Prodigy vinyl siding is Alside’s insulated vinyl cladding that boasts a stunning aesthetic that mimics the appearance of milled cedar lumber.

It has three unique profiles and a thickness of 0.46 inches.

It is also available in 21 shades, so a homeowner has a variety of options to choose from.

This product is one of Alside’s premium products so expect to pay approximately $1.60 per square foot.

Williamsport Colonial Beaded Siding

The Williamsport Colonial Beaded siding offers a timeless design with its single 6.5” beaded profile.

It has a thickness of 0.44 inches and boasts a refined wood grain pattern.

One of the best things about this siding option is its variety of colors. It’s available in 14 shades, so a homeowner can easily add a personalized touch to their home.

The Williamsport Colonial Beaded siding is perfect for those who want a high-quality look but don’t have the budget for premium products like Prodigy.

So, expect to pay around $1.26 per square foot

In general, Alside’s low-end products cost around $0.90 per square foot, while the premium products cost approximately $1.60 per square foot.

Mid-range products, on the other hand, cost about $1.30 per square foot.

Labor Costs

It’s hard to tell how much each homeowner will spend on installation labor because these prices vary based on the average wages in the state you’re located in, the Alside siding product you’re working with, and of course, the rates of the contractor you’re working.

However, on average, you’ll spend between $1 and $2 per square foot on labor

High-end or more technical products like Centerlock Storm siding and Williamsport Colonial Beaded siding may push the labor costs to about $3 per square foot.

It is safe to say that labor costs for Alside siding range between $1 and $3.

Pro Tip: Budget an additional 10 to 15% on top of the estimated labor cost we’ve highlighted above to cushion yourself against price fluctuations. Price may fluctuate depending on the complexity of your walls, the specific product you’re working with, the labor costs in your region, etc. 

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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Cost Of Alside Siding Materials And Supplies

Many siding projects require additional materials, which often increase the final budget.

These materials include nails, house wraps, fascia boards, and trims.

It’s hard to tell the exact amount a homeowner may spend on materials because the costs vary depending on the amount of space and the type of materials used.

But on average, expect to pay between $1 and $3 per square foot for the material

Pro Tip: When it comes to siding installation, it’s crucial to work with reputable contractors to avoid unexpected charges and inflated costs. To get a rough estimate, try using an online vinyl siding calculator which considers factors such as the size of your walls, the type of siding you’re installing, and local labor prices. However, contact a licensed and reputable contractor who will give you a more accurate price quote for free. Also, get estimates from various contractors and choose the fair and reasonable one. 

Alside vs Georgia-Pacific Siding

One famous brand that competes head-to-head with Alside is Georgia Pacific.

It is a well-known company in the building and construction industry and was founded in 1927 as Georgia Hardwood Lumber Co.

The company is known for its diverse product line of building materials, including siding.

Georgia-Pacific siding products are made of various materials, such as wood, engineered wood, and vinyl, and offer a range of options for homeowners. 

Georgia-Pacific siding is the best choice for those who want a siding option that’s easy to install.

Unlike Alside siding, this option is a breeze to put up, making it perfect for DIY-ers who are looking to cut down on labor costs.

Just make sure you have decent home improvement skills before tackling the project.

Pro Tip: Alside siding is complex to install, so it’s best to hire a top-rated professional contractor to do it for you. Attempting to do it yourself may cause damage or lead to problems down the line, thus voiding your warranty. 

On the downside, though, homeowners and contractors have reported that Georgia-Pacific siding tends to fade quickly, an issue that is less prevalent in Alside siding.

This observation may be attributed to the fact that Georgia-Pacific offers darker shades than Alside, which has more neutral color options.

Additionally, the quality of Georgia-Pacific’s products has been known to degrade after 10 to 12 years, with common issues including becoming brittle, cracking, and easily shattering upon impact.

Generally, Georgia-Pacific’s products have been found to have lower impact resistance than Alside siding, making them more likely to dent when hit by a heavy object. 

Homeowners who want a more reliable choice are better off with Alside siding because their products provide high-impact resistance and long-lasting performance

Alside vs CertainTeed Siding

CertainTeed is also a big name in the vinyl siding industry.

It was founded in 1904 and specializes in building products, including siding, roofing, and insulation.

They offer a wide range of siding options made from a durable, low-maintenance material.

The siding options come in a wide range of colors and wood textures, which include board and batten, wood-grain finish, and cedar shake.

 Vinyl Shake Siding Costs
Low End
Mid Range
High End
Cost / S.F.
Total Cost
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CertainTeed siding lines also offer the option of foam-backed insulation for added energy efficiency. In fact, they have won multiple Energy Star awards, and their goal is to be recognized as North America’s leader in sustainable habitat.

Their best product line is the Wolverine American Legend which boasts a stunning wood-grain finish

There are minor differences between the product thicknesses that these two notable companies provide.

Alside’s best-selling product, Charter Oak Energy Elite Insulated Siding, has a thickness of 0.48 inches, while all CertainTeed vinyl siding products have a 0.42-inch thickness.

This thickness difference means Alside siding is slightly more durable than CertainTeed siding. 

Additionally, CertainTeed siding is more expensive than Alside siding, with prices ranging between $4.50 and $9.50 per square foot for products only.

So, if you’re on a tight budget and looking for an option to help you cut costs, then Alside is the way to go. 

Both Alside and CertainTeed are known for producing high-quality siding products that are durable, aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and low maintenance.

Ultimately, your choice will depend on the specific product line, color, style, warranty, and product cost that best suits your needs and budget.

Alside vs Kaycan Siding

Kaycan markets itself as the leading manufacturer of high-quality vinyl and aluminum siding.

The Canadian company was founded in the mid-1970s and has since expanded its reach to over 30 countries worldwide.

They offer a wide range of siding materials, including but not limited to aluminum siding, vinyl siding, and engineered wood siding.

They also have siding accessories, including trims, indoor paneling, vinyl skirting, and soffit. 

Kaycan’s primary goal is to create products that are environmentally friendly.

The company has programs such as R3V and GreenSense, which aim to minimize waste and maximize resource efficiency.

All waste generated during the production of Kaycan vinyl products is reground and recycled during manufacturing. 

Like Alside, Kaycan siding products are built to last and are energy-efficient, so a homeowner is guaranteed low energy bills.

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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Alside vs Ply Gem Siding

Ply Gem, also called Mastic, is another famous brand that offers vinyl siding. However, the company itself does not manufacture vinyl siding.

Instead, it owns multiple vinyl siding companies that do all the production and distribution.

These companies include:

  • Mastic Home Exteriors
  • Napco
  • Variform
  • TrueWall
  • Mitten vinyl siding
  • Cellwood
  • Durabuility

Ply Gem siding is much less expensive than Alside siding.

You can get some of their top vinyl siding products for as low as $0.75 per square foot.

But on the downside, their products are much less accessible because they are a smaller company compared to a giant like Alside.

Many customers have complained that most Ply Gem vinyl siding materials are prone to fading.

The company also has a reputation for poor customer service and for denying warranty claims.

So, if you want a manufacturer that abides by the warranty and provides good customer service, you’re better off with Alside. 

Furthermore, some customers have complained that the delivery times are way too long, which might be a problem for those with time-sensitive projects.

Alside Siding Reviews

Overall, Alside siding has received positive reviews from the market.

Many clients and contractors note that their products have a pleasing aesthetic, are long-lasting, and don’t fade.

Some products also have a thick insulation foam, making them energy efficient, thus helping to save on energy bills.

One of the biggest perks for contractors is that their panels are 16 inches long, which means fewer panels are needed to complete the job, thus making for more efficient installation.

However, it’s important to note that some customers who opted for uninsulated products reported experiencing cold in their homes.

So, be sure to go for insulated vinyl siding if you live in a cooler climate, and choose Alside for your next siding project.

Did you know? Individuals who have installed Alside vinyl siding have reported reductions of up to 30% in their energy bills. 

Of course, a couple of customers have left negative reviews on the Alside siding product. But on further investigation, it’s evident that poor installation is the reason for these negative reviews, not the product itself.

Also, it’s important to note that while Alside siding products have high resistance, they are not immune to damage.

High impact from heavy objects like lawnmowers is likely to damage the product. 

Consumer Reports have rated some of Alside’s products, and they did pretty well.

For example, Charter Oak Siding received a 66 out of 100, while the highest awarded rating was 83.

Their Alside Prodigy Siding was rated 70 out of 100. The highest awarded score was also 83.

These ratings are overall and are based on various factors, including:

  • Durability
  • Aesthetics
  • Quality of the product 
  • Color
  • Fire resistance
  • Wind resistance

Ratings shouldn’t be the only determining factor in the siding brand you choose. But they should help you choose the quality you’d like for your house. 

 Vinyl Siding Costs
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Mid Range
High End
Cost / S.F.
Total Cost
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Where Is Alside Siding Made?

Alside has seven manufacturing facilities across the United States.

These include: 

  • West Salem, Ohio
  • Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio
  • Ennis, TX
  • Cedar Rapids, Iowa
  • Kinston, NC
  • Fife, WA
  • Yuma, AZ

Their headquarters are based in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.

Where To Buy Alside Vinyl siding

Alside siding products are distributed to home builders and licensed professional remodeling contractors via their supply centers.

They also supply the products to select independent distributors across different states and cities.

You can use the Distributor Locator on their website to find a distributor near you.

This locator includes the distributors’ names, contact information, address, and even GPS information. So you won’t have any trouble finding them. 

Notably, Alside does not directly sell its products to the general public.

However, if assistance is needed in connecting with a distributor, their team is more than happy to facilitate the process on your behalf.

Also, you can’t find Alside siding products in home improvement stores such as Home Depot.

Is Alside Siding Good?

Generally, Alside siding is a good option for homeowners who want the aesthetic of natural wood siding but want to avoid dealing with the hassle of regular maintenance.

It is low upkeep, and you just have to clean it occasionally to get rid of dirt and debris and maintain its appearance.

Another reason you should consider Alside siding is that it is not susceptible to weatherability. So, temperature fluctuations, heavy rains, and winds will not affect the product’s performance or look.

Alside vinyl siding products can last for 30 to 40 years. 

A big problem with vinyl siding products is that they are prone to fading. But Alside vinyl siding utilizes the ChromaTrue® co-polymer technology, which makes the product resistant to fading even when exposed to harsh elements such as heavy rain, wind, and UV rays. 

Another reason why Alside vinyl siding is suitable for your home is because of its beautiful and sophisticated look.

It can increase the curb appeal of your home, thus luring potential buyers and increasing its value when you decide to sell.

On a side note, you have to ensure that the product is installed correctly because poor workmanship can result in problems down the line. Go for a licensed and reputable contractor and ensure you check their portfolio to get a gist of some of their previous work before proceeding with the project. 

Did you know? According to Consumer Reports, homeowners who install Alside vinyl siding will recoup more than 70% of the costs when it comes time to sell the property. 

Invest In The Future With Alside Siding

Alside siding is a top choice for homeowners who want to upgrade their home’s exterior.

Not only does it offer the aesthetic appeal of real wood siding, but it also eliminates the need for costly regular maintenance.

With a wide range of styles and colors, you can easily find an option that will elevate your home. 

Additionally, Alside siding products come at different price points, so there’s something for everyone.

So, any homeowner can increase their home’s curb appeal with an authentic look of natural wood without breaking the bank.

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
See costs in your area

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