Kaycan Siding Prices And Reviews (2024 Guide)

Typical Cost To Install Vinyl Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
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Kaycan vinyl siding represents an aesthetic and functional improvement for every home. If you’re looking for the best quality siding to install, this brand might be an excellent choice.

As one of the leading vinyl siding manufacturers in the world, Kaycan offers premium quality and produces great-looking siding.

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How Much Does Kaycan Vinyl Siding Cost?

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The first important notion in terms of calculating the cost of Kaycan vinyl siding is to consider what goes into the total cost.

Of course, the siding itself has a price, which will depend on the type and style you select. However, that’s not the only factor that will influence the cost.

Before installing new siding, your house will need to be prepared properly. This involves taking the old siding off (if present), repairing any rotted or damaged wooden sections, and inspecting door and window casings and moldings, soffit, and fascia. When all those elements are repaired or replaced, the house will be ready for siding installation.

The number of corners and floors of your house will also reflect on the total price. Homes with several stories and more corners will be more time-consuming and, as a result, costlier.

Since repair and replacement costs will vary from one home to the other, there’s no sure way to determine that part of the expense. However, the cost of the material and installation can be calculated relatively easily.

Depending on the quality level, you can expect to pay $180-$305 per square for mid-grade Kaykan vinyl siding or $305-$530 per square for high-end Kaykan siding. These prices are expressed per square of siding, which is equal to 100 square feet.

Installing Kaycan siding on a 2,000 sq.ft. ranch style home will cost $2,200 – 10,600, depending on the product you select and complexity of labor involved.

You can use our Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of installing vinyl siding on your home.

Pro tip: Contractors might receive better prices when purchasing siding. However, not all contractors will share this information with you, which is why it’s important to hire a trusted company.

What Is Kaycan Siding?

Kaycan vinyl siding is made of quality and durable PVC resin. The product is manufactured to be resistant to weather and provide the best possible protection to the house exterior.

In terms of aesthetics, Kaycan vinyl siding is produced in three types and a wide variety of styles. All three are very versatile due to the way vinyl siding is stylized.

The siding is fashioned to resemble planks of actual wood. When it comes to Kaycan vinyl siding, the broad range of options can accommodate for different design solutions and tastes.

Since siding used to be made of wood, the leading manufacturers have focused on creating the best possible visual replicas of natural materials. Kaycan has excelled in this, with certain types of siding being nearly indistinguishable from genuine woods siding.

Check out other alternatives to vinyl shake siding from different manufacturers.

Kaycan is a company that specializes in manufacturing excellent vinyl sidings. The brand also offers other types of sidings made of different materials.

In addition to the quality of make, Kaycan has special technologies for better protection. In particular, Kaycan vinyl sidings are very resistant to heat and UV damage.

Kaycan Vinyl Siding Types

The three types of Kaycan vinyl siding are:

Cedar Shake
Board and Batten

Cedar Shake is a widely popular type of vinyl siding. This popularity is evident from the centuries this siding type has been around. It looks very similar to genuine shakes of cedar wood, giving the house exterior an authentic, natural look.

Board and Batten is a widespread siding type that’s most represented in America and Europe. In the US, this siding type is also called ‘barn siding’ due to its historical usage on barns throughout the country. The distinguishing feature of Board and Batten siding is its vertical alignment.

Finally, Clapboard is a horizontal type of siding. It covers the entire side of the house from one corner to the other in one uninterrupted line.

The horizontal orientation of the Clapboard type makes it look very akin to natural wooden planks. Unsurprisingly, this feature plays a huge role in the siding type becoming a homeowner favorite.

In addition to these three types, Kaycan vinyl siding comes in various styles. These differ by the profile, length, color, and texture. Mixing and matching the available options can produce specific, unique results.

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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Kaykan Siding Styles

The style of siding will vary according to its type. Cedar Shake, Board and Batten, and Clapboard will all come in a particular general style:

Cedar Shake has two basic styles: Straight Edge and Staggered.

Board and Batten styles mainly differ in terms of width, ranging from 10 inches to over 13 inches.
Clapboard comes in three basic styles: Smooth, Dutch Lap, and Beaded.

On top of these styles, every siding can be customized further through color and texture.

Straight Edge Cedar Shake is, as the name suggests, made in straight lines where the top and bottom of each shake are perfectly aligned. Opposed to this neat and orderly look, the Staggered style is laid out in a pattern that disrupts the alignment, giving the siding a more rustic charm.

Board and Batten siding is quite straightforward when it comes to shape and style. The boards will always be long, straight, and outlaid in-line. However, the siding can vary by board width, texture, and color. All three features can provide a very unique impression.

Clapboard is the most varied type of siding in terms of style. The Smooth style is undoubtedly the most widespread, earning it the alternative name of ‘Traditional Lap siding.’ This style appears as wooden siding with a freshly-applied coat of paint.

The Dutch Lap has the top edge curved inwards, giving it a grove that creates a shadow line between panels. This siding style is made as a replica of the hand-carved wooden boards that used to decorate the homes of early colonists. Today, the style is still very popular due to its distinctive look.

Finally, Beaded Clapboard siding features a unique bead curvature on the bottom edge. The curvature gives the Beaded Clapboard a fine shadow line that makes the siding look quite sophisticated.

Owing to this delicate look, this style was held in high regard since the early colonial days of America to modern times.

Besides these relatively common styles, Kaycan vinyl siding is produced in several other fashions.
Log siding is one of the most popular alternative styles.

It’s made to resemble actual wooden logs, which gives the home an outdoor, rugged charm. The Log style is a variation of the Clapboard type.

Half-Rounds or Scallops are a type of siding that most resembles the Cedar Shake. Rather than long boards, this siding style is composed of smaller individual shakes and comes in a wide variety of shapes:

Square/Round/Fish Scale/Mitered Corner/Hexagon/Octagon/Half Cove

Half-Rounds are used particularly as accents or trims. This style of siding is meant more as a stylish addition than the base siding.

Did you know? Vinyl siding has been the most popular choice since the 1950s, with vinyl quickly overtaking wood and aluminum as the material of choice.

Key Features Of Kaykan Siding

Kaycan vinyl siding is made to resist every type of weather and is suitable for cold and hot climates. The siding is also resistant to heat and impact, with a special technology protecting the material from distortion caused by high temperatures.

Additional heat protection can be a deciding factor for homeowner living in particularly warm climates. Yet, that doesn’t mean these sidings won’t prove resistant to lower temperatures as well.

Kaycan has become famous for using highly recyclable materials for sidings. For this reason, the company has been accredited by LEED, a leading organization in the field of environmental protection.

As mentioned before, Kaycan siding comes in many types and styles. This versatility all but ensures you’ll find the right siding for your home. You can choose colors, textures, styles, and dimensions that will fit with your home the best.

The brand is also priced moderately, providing great value for the cost. Kaycan sidings could best be described as moderately-priced and are more affordable compared to other specialized brands.

Pros And Cons Of Installing Kaycan Vinyl Siding

Since vinyl siding is a widely popular type of siding, it would be safe to presume the pros heavily outweigh the cons. This is especially true in the case of a trusted manufacturer such as Kaycan.


    Vinyl siding can look nearly identical to wood
    Increased durability without heavy maintenance
    Easily installed due to lighter material, which can reflect on the installation cost
    Inexpensive compared to other siding types
    Rust and rot-free
    Highly customizable and available in various colors, textures, and styles
    Low maintenance and resilient to pest
    Doesn’t need to be repainted
    Refined material, resulting from decades of improvements
Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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    Can be cracked, punctured, or dented with sufficient force of impact
    Might require additional insulation
    Can succumb to extreme weather

Does Kaycan Siding Come With A Warranty?

Kaycan siding is covered by a limited lifetime warranty that extends to the property owner who purchased the product. The warranty guarantees the siding comes without material or craftsmanship defects.

As long as the original customer owns the property, the manufacturer will replace, restore, or repair the siding if it turns out to be defective or lacking in quality.

If the property ownership transfers to another individual or organization, the warranty will be limited from lifetime to 50 years.

The warranty will be valid under certain conditions:

The siding must be installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Damage caused by improper installation won’t fall under the warranty.
The warranty will need to be registered with Kaycan.

Damage due to natural disasters, including earthquakes, severe winds, or fire won’t be covered by the warranty. The same goes for impact damage or that caused by surface or structure defects.

The warranty doesn’t apply to sun or weather-induced discoloration unless the calculated color change surpasses a certain threshold.

Similarly, the warranty won’t cover discoloration due to mildew, air pollution, or exposure to chemicals.

Coating, varnishing, or painting over the original siding finish will exclude the coated siding from the warranty.

The warranty won’t apply to damage due to excessive heat sources.

If your warranty claim is valid, Kaycan will replace, restore, or repair the siding. However, if the particular product is unavailable, the company can supply another one that’s equal in price or quality.

The manufacturer’s warranty also extends to hail damage. If the area is impacted by a severe storm with hail that damages external structures like windows and roofs, the manufacturer will provide a replacement for the damaged siding. In this case, the owner will need to pay any additional installation costs.

As apparent from this overview, plenty of damage can be avoided by proper handling and maintenance of Kaycan siding.

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Maintaining Your Kaycan Vinyl Siding

Kaycan siding doesn’t require a great deal of maintenance. There are several useful guidelines that can help you take care of the siding, even when it gets covered by hard dirt or persistent mildew.

For regular cleaning, you can wash the Kaycan vinyl siding using the same brush for washing your car. But if you encounter particularly tough dirt, you’ll need to apply a solution of cleaner, powder detergent, and water.

If you need to remove mildew from the siding, it would be best to use the same solution as for hard dirt, replacing a quart of water with the same amount of liquid bleach.

Finally, if your house gets covered by extreme dirt, the most efficient method would be to apply the cleaning solution and leave it on the siding for a few minutes. After that, you should rinse the surface generously, going from the bottom to the top.

Regular, proper maintenance can extend the lifetime of the siding. Even better, it can ensure that your warranty remains valid.

Did you know? Wet concrete, sealants, herbicides, insecticides, and other compounds can cause stains or discoloration on vinyl siding. When applying such solutions, it would be best to cover the siding.

Kaycan Siding vs Alside Siding?

Alside is a renowned company that produces quality siding. The manufacturer is perhaps most famous for their steel siding, best suited for homes located in areas prone to storms, hurricanes, and severe winds.

In addition to steel, Alside also produces excellent vinyl siding that offers protection from the elements comparable to Kaycan.

In terms of pricing, Alside sidings come at a somewhat higher cost than Kaycan. The price per square can range up to, and over, $700. Compared to those prices, Kaycan has a greater variety of affordable options.

Similar to Kaycan, Alside vinyl siding comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The two manufacturers offer similar types of siding with a range of styles.

Kaycan Siding vs Georgia-Pacific Siding

Georgia-Pacific is highly specialized in different styles of vinyl siding. The product quality can be compared to that of Kaycan, with both companies producing weather and UV-resistant siding.

The technology used by Kaycan might be more effective in protecting the siding from sun damage.
Georgia-Pacific siding also comes in a wide range of colors, making the product highly customizable.

Kaycan also has a variety of styles, although the company is better known for using darker hues.
Both companies produce siding that doesn’t require frequent high maintenance.

When it comes to warranty, Georgia-Pacific has a slight upper hand. While Kaycan lifetime warranty turns into a 50-year one in case of property transfer, the limited lifetime offered by Georgia-Pacific can be transferred.

Considering the price, Georgia-Pacific is comparable with Kaycan. The company also offers moldings, skirting, fascia, soffit, and trim, which can, if ordered, produce additional costs.

Is Kaycan Vinyl Siding Worth It?

If you’re looking for quality siding for your home, Kaycan offers plenty of options.

The company manufactures all types of sidings with various styles, textures, and colors. The variety of options ensures you’ll be able to find the right siding to match the design of your home. Furthermore, you can combine several types and styles to achieve a unique effect.

In terms of protective traits, Kaycan siding will prove resilient and able to protect your home from normal weather conditions. You can opt for insulated siding for extra functionality.

Kaycan vinyl siding is easy to install and maintain. Once it’s installed, the crucial thing will be to perform regular maintenance and cleaning. Luckily, this is relatively straightforward to do, and will be particularly useful for keeping the warranty active.

The sidings of this renowned manufacturer come at an affordable price. The cost of Kaycan sidings ranges from mid to mid-high, and the quality is either appropriate for the pricing or surpasses it.

When all this is considered, Kaycan vinyl siding is an excellent choice for homeowners who wish to enhance their properties with stylish, high-quality siding.

Opting for this brand will most likely be the right step to take.

Typical Cost To Install Vinyl Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
See costs in your area

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