2023 Home Depot Windows Cost, Installation, Honest Reviews

Typical Cost To Install 10 Windows Price Range: $3,150 - $6,570
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Home Depot windows come in numerous varieties of styles and brands.

The popular home improvement retailer even offers installation services.

Prospective buyers can also expect to find several recognizable window brand names, such as Andersen, Jeld-Wen and American Craftsman, at their disposal.

Home Depot Windows Prices

Window prices at Home Depot are as diverse as the offerings.

They depend on the brand, type, material, and size. Prices for these windows are as low as $100 to as high as $800 per window (and perhaps more for particularly high-end series).

To put this price into perspective, a standard double-hung vinyl window from American Craftsman can cost from $150 to $400.

This price range is quite affordable, making American Craftsman reasonably budget-friendly.

On the other hand, a high-end Andersen wood window can cost well over $800.

While this may seem like a lot to some buyers, Andersen windows are durable and high quality which can make the higher price point worth it in the long run.

You should also note that these prices are for the windows only and don’t include installation or other extra expenses.

Installation costs will change drastically depending on the installation’s complexity, where the windows need to be, and the installer’s rates.

Did you know? Home Depot offers a special loan card to help finance large renovations (such as window replacements). This card provides a fixed 7.99% APR and can accommodate up to $55,000 in loans. That’s enough for almost any renovation. So, if you’re planning something big for your home, check out this attractive deal from Home Depot and see if it fits your plans.

What Brand Of Windows Does Home Depot Use?

Home Depot sells and installs windows from several big-name brands you might’ve heard of before, such as:

Home Depot Window Brands Average Cost per Window
Andersen $628-$888
JELD-WEN $151-$474
American Craftsman $150-$350
TAFCO $100-$250


The Andersen brand is a prestigious household name in the window design world.

Established in 1903, Andersen Corporation has been making cutting-edge products for over a century.

They have become one of the most respected window and door brands, especially for high-end products. 

Their signature style uses wood and vinyl to create windowpanes that exude sophistication and strength.

Some of Andersen’s beautiful and reliable styles are casement, double-hung, gliding, and awning windows. 

They also boast solid energy efficiency that reduces monthly bills.

Prices for their products at Home Depot range between $628 and $888 for a single Andersen window.


Founded in 1960, JELD-WEN has since expanded to become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of doors and windows.

It has 117 factories across 19 countries and delivers quality and innovative products worldwide.

JELD-WEN is another trusted brand that you’ll find at Home Depot.

They have many window types, from single-hung and double-hung, to sliding casement and awning windows.

The great thing about JELD-WEN is that their prices are relatively affordable.

At the same time, their windows are versatile; they can work for both new constructions and window replacements. 

Prices for JELD-WEN windows at Home Depot usually start from around $151 and can go up to $474, which is still a reasonable price range.

American Craftsman

The American Craftsman window style dates from the 20th century, but its roots stretch even further back to the British Arts and Crafts movement of the 1860s.

Though not much is known about this type of window design, it’s clear that the look has undoubtedly stood the test of time.

American Craftsman, offered exclusively at Home Depot, can be a go-to pick for buyers who want high-quality yet affordable vinyl windows.

These windows are reasonably energy-efficient and hassle-free. This is precisely what you need to keep energy bills down. 

Prices for American Craftsman vinyl windows start from around $150 and can reach $350 or more, depending on the size and bonus features.


TAFCO has been crafting lasting, affordable windows for over seven decades.

Their vast selection of energy-efficient styles and sizes offers something for everyone.

You can find TAFCO windows at Home Depot for a reasonable price, in various styles such as single-hung, sliding, and picture windows.

Best of all, these windows have a reputation for not only mere affordability but also simplicity. 

With prices starting at around $100 and going to $250 or slightly more per window, they’re perfect for those who want inexpensive, attractive windows.

When Do Windows Go On Sale At Home Depot?

Windows can be costly, so you might want to watch out for Home Depot’s deals and discounts to save some money.

To find discounts on windows, take advantage of Home Depot’s sales events that happen around major holidays throughout the year: Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, and Black Friday. 

If you want to save money on your window purchase, these sales can be a great way to go.

Along with these sales events, Home Depot also has special financing promotions for larger purchases.

This kind of financing lets you spread out the cost of the windows over several months.

So, if you’re planning an extensive renovation involving multiple windows, or need replacement windows right away, this financing can be of great help.

Does Home Depot Install Windows?

Yes. While many steps and considerations go into window installation, Home Depot can help you with almost all of them, with pro consultation and installation for vinyl, wood, and storm protection windows of all types.

The installation mainly consists of removing the old window, preparing the opening for the new one, setting and securing the new window into place, and then sealing it so it’s adequately insulated from the weather outside.

You might also want to add weather stripping or caulking around the edges of the frame when it’s time to seal the window.

If you’d like more information on the exact window installation process, you can find instructional videos and helpful guides on Home Depot’s website.

Therefore, you can compare different methods and learn about what must be done with each one.

You may then decide to take on this project yourself as a DIY task or have Home Depot install your windows.

For example, Home Depot has three types of Andersen windows – the 100 Series, 400 Series, and wood windows.

The 100 Series features Fibrex composite material, a combination of wood fiber and thermoplastic polymer, which adds durability and strength.

It’s long-lasting, low-maintenance, and offers greater energy efficiency than many other window materials.

This knowledge can be useful for customers considering different window materials and brands this store can provide.

Who Installs Windows for Home Depot?

Home Depot employs local professional contractors to install windows.

They undergo a stringent vetting process and must meet the company’s standards.

These installers aren’t generally novices but rather have a strong knowledge of window installation and Home Depot products.

Expenses for window installation through Home Depot can either be reasonable or costly.

As an estimate, the installation will cost between $800 to $7,400 per window.

Keep in mind that Home Depot provides installation for many different brands of windows, such as Milgard, Simonton, Andersen, JELD-WEN, Ply Gem, and ProtecSure by PGT.

However, availability may differ in certain areas and at certain times.

Home Depot Windows Reviews

Home Depot is an appealing destination for those in the market for new windows since buying through the big box store guarantees simplicity and a broad selection.

Popular brands like American Craftsman and Andersen are purchasable at Home Depot at an affordable price, with various styles in different sizes, enabling most customers to find something suitable. 

However, as with most large businesses, the services provided by Home Depot during installation have not been without issues.

Many customers have reported difficulties trying to schedule a time that works for them and the installers and finding the right team to do the job.

Some even experienced incorrect fitting or damage due to improper installation.

Experiences may vary depending on the particular store and installation team, which is why any buyer should research before making decisions.

Pro Tip: Consider the energy efficiency ratings as you shop for windows at Home Depot. Windows with a lower U-factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) will provide better insulation and can help reduce your energy costs.

Home Depot vs Lowes Windows

Home Depot and Lowes sell many window types from various brands, including exclusive brands from both stores.

Home Depot’s American Craftsman and Andersen windows often get compared to Lowe’s ReliaBilt windows.

Both stores have competitive rates, and the cost largely depends on the window’s brand, style, and size.

However, some customers say that Lowe’s exclusive ReliaBilt windows tend to be more affordable than some of the options available at Home Depot.

On the other hand, Home Depot may have a more solid mid-range or high-end offer.

In terms of quality, both retailers sell durable and energy-efficient windows, however, some customers have reported better experiences with Lowe’s installation services. They cited more professional and timely installations.

Does Home Depot Rescreen Windows?

Yes, they can.

They have in-store experts who can help you choose the screen material for the renovation and advise you on any related questions you might have.

Once you decide on a window screen, their associates will rescreen it on-site.

However, know that pricing for this service depends on the size and type of screen material and how many windows you have.

If you’re ever unsure about what screen materials would work best, ask a Home Depot expert for assistance and suggestions.

Does Home Depot Cut Glass For Windows?

If you need help cutting glass for windows or don’t have the tools, unfortunately, Home Depot can’t assist you.

But they do carry supplies and equipment for glass cutting, such as cutters, scoring tools, replacement blades, and more. This way, they can still help you complete this job as a DIY task. 

However, suppose the project needs specialist glass or very particular measurements.

In such cases, it’s always best to contact a local window shop or specialty store for glazing products, instead of a big box store like Home Depot, to get precisely what you need.

What Type Of Window At Home Depot Is Most Energy Efficient?

Home Depot sells many energy-efficient windows.

The Andersen 400 Series stands out above the rest in terms of energy-saving.

It contains High-Performance Low-E4 glass, which is more efficient than ordinary dual-pane glass.

Summer and winter energy savings can be up to 56% and 45%, respectively. 

Other reasonably energy-saving windows are the American Craftsman and JELD-WEN brands.

Both come with advanced Low-E glass and many other features that reduce energy bills.

These windows are worth a look for those who need to save on energy bills.

Did you know? Home Depot has a “1-2-3 Hard Start” guide for installing windows yourself. This guide includes step-by-step instructions and lists all the necessary tools. It’s a great resource for those who’d like to install their own windows.

How Much Are Storm Windows at Home Depot?

The cost of storm windows at Home Depot depends on the size, brand, and features.

For the most part, you should anticipate paying from $50 to $300 for each storm window.

A good example would be a 31-inch by 39-inch aluminum storm window, which usually retails for around $100.

Look on Home Depot’s website or visit your closest store to get an accurate pricing estimate and ask questions if you have any.

Are Home Depot Impact Windows Good?

If you live in an area where severe weather is a common problem, impact windows from Home Depot may help you protect your home from these potentially disastrous events.

Impact windows are constructed from laminated glass which makes windows much sturdier than standard glass windows.

They provide superior breakage protection due to their greater strength, and impact windows can also help keep your home safe during hurricanes and other extreme weather conditions.

Generally speaking, customer reviews of Home Depot’s impact windows are positive.

People tend to praise them for durability and dependability.

Nevertheless, experiences can vary from buyer to buyer. Before buying Home Depot impact windows, look into reviews for various manufacturers and window types.

Are Andersen Windows At Home Depot Lower Quality?

Andersen is one of the window industry leaders.

They construct superior-quality windows with several durable materials.

The Andersen windows available at Home Depot are no different than those available at other outlets. 

Depending on your budget, you can choose between three main series at Home Depot.

These are the 100 Series, 200 Series, and 400 Series. The 100 Series windows use Fibrex composite, a material that is exceptionally durable and almost maintenance-free.

The 200 Series comes in more popular sizes and with special features at a reasonable cost, while the 400 Series provides an unbeatable combination of style and performance.

Pro Tip: Home Depot does free in-home consultations for buyers who’re unsure which type of window to buy. A professional will come to your home, discuss with you what you want, and provide personalized recommendations.

How Good Are Home Depot Windows?

Customers, for the most part, hold Home Depot windows in high regard, although there have been some issues and caveats.

Their product selection is broad, and many customers praise the quality of Home Depot’s windows, especially noting the longevity and their ability to keep the weather at bay. 

Is Home Depot Windows Installation Worth It?

Many customers find Home Depot window installation convenient and reliable.

They hire licensed, insured, and background-checked installers.

The installation also comes with a one-year labor warranty for more security.

Even so, some customers have reported issues with scheduling and communication, while others have had problems with the installation itself.

Therefore, determining whether installing windows through Home Depot’s services is worth it or not can depend on your situation and the local installation team’s skills.

On the financial side, the cost of installing a window through Home Depot can be quite variable.

Most window installations will cost between $800 to a staggering $7,400 per window, depending on their size and style.

While this might seem steep, the long-term benefits of professionally installed, high-quality windows include better energy efficiency which can result in considerable savings on heating and cooling.

Home Depot’s window installation services come with a lifetime warranty.

This warranty implies that if there’s a problem with the installation, Home Depot will make it right at no additional cost to the end user.

A Home Of Windows

Home Depot can be a pretty good one-stop shop for window purchases and installation.

But while their windows generally have a good reputation with buyers, experiences with their installation services can vary.

If you have doubts, do thorough research, read reviews, and consider your local store before settling, and never hesitate to ask questions.

Typical Cost To Install 10 Windows Price Range: $3,150 - $6,570
See costs in your area

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