Harvey Windows Prices, Options, Reviews (2024)

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
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Harvey windows are a great option to consider if your house needs stylish wooden or high-performance vinyl windows.

This Northeast-based U.S. brand offers high-quality windows in various styles to fit your home aesthetics and improve its curb appeal. 

Average Harvey Window Cost

When replacing old siding, many homeowners choose to bundle new window installation into this project.

The average total cost of installing a single Harvey window is between $550 and $3,400

The cost of the window itself ranges from $300 to $2,900, while the installation and labor costs increase this price by $150 to $400.

You can also expect to spend around $100 to $200 on additional costs.

Of course, this is just an estimate.

The average price of your Harvey Windows depends on the window material, style, and line.

Moreover, you’ll need to consider your location, labor costs, and how difficult the job is in terms of window accessibility.

Did you know? Installing windows on the second or third floor of a house can considerably increase labor costs.

Harvey Windows Cost By Window Line 

Harvey Windows offers several window lines that vary by cost, depending on the window styles and materials involved in their manufacturing.

Harvey Window Line Installation Cost Material Costs Labor Costs
Harvey Tribute Vinyl Windows $700-$1,800  $500-$1,300 $200-$500
Harvey Classic Vinyl Windows $625-$1,600  $425-$1,200 $200-$400 
Harvey Slimline Vinyl Windows $550-$1,375  $350-$900 $200-$475 
Harvey Vinyl Windows $450-$2,125  $350-$1,575 $100-$550
Harvey Majesty Wood Windows $1,425-$3,350  $900-$3,000  $350-$475


Harvey Tribute Vinyl Windows

Harvey Windows Tribute windows come as double-hung vinyl windows.

They’re the best vinyl window line you can find at Harvey Windows.

It boasts ThermaLock 3X high-performance glazing that surpasses Energy Star criteria.

The average price of Harvey Windows Tribute window installation is between $700 and $1,800 per window.

The product costs $500 to $1,300, but the labor adds $200 to $500.

Harvey Classic Vinyl Windows

Harvey Classic vinyl windows are the homeowners’ most frequent choice.

They come as double-hung windows with eight exterior finish options.

One of their features is the Standard ThermaLock glazing of 0.27 U-Value. 

Harvey Classic vinyl window installation ranges from $625 to $1,600 per window.

The window alone costs approximately $425 to $1,200, whereas labor makes up $200 to $400 of the overall price.

Harvey Slimline Vinyl Windows

In addition to the double-hung, Slimline windows from Harvey Windows also come as single-hung.

Harvey Slimline windows are the only single-hung option from the brand.

Their slim design allows more light into the room and minimizes the typically bulky window look from the outside.

For Harvey Slimline window installation, you can expect to spend between $550 and $1,375 per window.

The window price is around $350 to $900, while labor costs account for $200 to $475 of the total cost. 

Harvey Vinyl Windows

This line of Harvey Vinyl windows refers to all the vinyl window styles that’ll be mentioned later in the article.

Whichever window style you pick, you can upgrade its glass to Energy-Star-certified.

They also come with a variety of interior and exterior color options.

Harvey Vinyl window installation costs $450 to $2,125 per window.

The material, i.e., the window, is approximately $350 to $1,575, while the labor raises that cost approximately $100 to $550.

Harvey Majesty Wood Windows

Harvey Majesty Wood windows include several types that vary in their energy-efficiency rating, glazing, hardware options, etc.

That’s also why the price of Harvey wood windows differs so much.

The Majesty Wood window line is the most expensive, at around $1,425 to $3,350 per window.

The wooden window costs approximately $900 to $3,000. That leaves the labor costs at about $350-$475.

Harvey Window Materials Cost

Harvey Windows sells windows in two materials: vinyl and wood. It’s not a wide selection but just enough for every homeowner. 

Harvey Vinyl Windows

Harvey Vinyl windows are made to last.

They’re durable and come in various customizable colors, grid styles, and finishes.

Glass efficiency rating and performance are entirely up to you.

You can choose them depending on the zone you live in.

Harvey Windows manufactures vinyl windows for the following window styles: 

  • Classic Double-hung
  • Slimline Double-hung
  • Slimline Single-hung
  • Tribute Double-hung
  • Vinyl Awning window
  • Vinyl Bay window
  • Vinyl Bow window
  • Vinyl Casement window
  • Vinyl Garden window
  • Vinyl Hopper window
  • Vinyl Picture window
  • Vinyl Rolling window
  • Vinyl Shape (Custom) window

Harvey Wood Windows

The wood windows at Harvey Windows belong to their Majesty Wood line.

An aluminum exterior protects the interior Ponderosa Pine wood from weather elements and provides extra stability.

The wood has gone through various treatments to prevent rotting, splitting, mildew, and other damage.

It can be left as an unfinished pine or painted over.

The selection of Harvey Wood windows is slightly narrower than the vinyl one and includes the following: 

  • Majesty Awning window
  • Majesty Bay window
  • Majesty Bow window
  • Majesty Casement window
  • Majesty Double-hung window
  • Majesty Gliding window
  • Majesty Picture window
  • Majesty Shape (Custom) window

Cost of Harvey Windows Based on Window Style

Harvey Windows offers 11 sophisticated window styles that can surely find a place in every homeowner’s upgrade project.

Whether you’re looking for a small bathroom window or a large opening to allow more light into your living room, Harvey Windows has it all. 

Moreover, if you’re unhappy with the available offers, you can create your own personalized windows.

All Harvey Windows vary in price, so let’s take a look at some of their features and costs.
Double-hung Windows
Harvey’s elite Double-hung windows are available in Harvey Windows’ Tribute, Classic, Slimline, and Majesty Wood lines.

They open from the bottom and the top, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance. 

You can expect to spend between $350 and $950 for Harvey Double-hung windows.
Single Hung Windows
Unlike double-hung windows, Harvey’s Single-hung ones open only from the bottom despite having two vertically-hung sashes.

They have a pleasant appearance and won’t obstruct your view while equipping your home with ultimate energy efficiency.

As mentioned previously, they’re only available in the Harvey Slimline Vinyl series.

For this window style, you’ll spend around $500-$1,350 on installation per window.
Storm Windows
Storm windows are known as additional exterior screens that can be installed over existing windows for maximum protection.

They’re known for their insulating and energy-efficient properties. 

On average, Harvey Storm windows cost from $350 to $500 per window.
Casement Windows
At Harvey Windows, you can find both vinyl and wood casement windows.

They open at a 90-degree angle with a single side latch, akin to a door.

Casement windows are perfect for spaces where there’s a lot of room outside.

Harvey Casement windows have a wide price range, costing between $775 and $2,000 on average per window. 
Awning Windows
Due to their clever way of opening (the bottom part extends outward), Harvey Awning windows provide maximum ventilation to your room during inclement weather.

They’re great for places where the window needs to be close to the ceiling and take up as little space as possible.

The average price of installing Harvey Awning windows is around $700-$1,500 per window.
Hopper Windows
Hopper windows are the opposite of Awning windows.

They open in a similar but opposite way, with the top part of the window extending outward.

You can usually see them installed in basements. 

Harvey Hopper windows have a similar installation price as Awning windows, at $715-$1,525 per window.

However, unlike Awning windows, Harvey Windows doesn’t offer them in wood.
Sliding Windows
Sliding (gliding or rolling) windows from Harvey Windows combine two sashes that slide to the side.

This makes them user-friendly for older people and people who might struggle to open traditional windows.

The average sliding window cost ranges from $775 to $1,750 per window.
Picture Windows
Picture windows are characterized by their clean appearance.

They’re fixed and non-functional, ideal for any purpose.

You can choose various casing and trim options and combine them with other window styles.

The average price of Harvey Picture windows ranges from $500 and $2,150 per window.
Bay and Bow Windows
Harvey Bay and Bow windows are unique sets of three or six windows.

Both windows give your room a unique light source with their rounded design.

You can choose between durable vinyl and sophisticated wood.

As they come in an assembly, their prices are significantly higher than other window styles.

On average, you can expect to spend between $3,500 and $5,000 for either set of windows.
Garden Windows
If you love house plants, Harvey Garden windows are for you.

They allow your flowers and plants to absorb natural light from all sides with their protruding design without ruining the aesthetics of your home.

Harvey Garden windows come only in vinyl and typically cost $1,000-$3,700 to install.
Custom Windows
Both vinyl and wood Harvey collections offer so-called Shape windows.

These are customizable, so you can let your imagination run wild and create a window to match your home’s overall look.

However, they’re fixed, so they’re best for hallways and other places that have other sources of ventilation.

The average price of Harvey Custom windows will largely depend on their complexities.

What Is the Warranty On Harvey Windows?

Depending on the materials they’re made of, Harvey Windows offers different warranties for their products.

For vinyl windows, the warranty is limited lifetime but transferable.

The limited lifetime warranty covers the window frame, screening, and component mechanical parts like locks, keepers, balances, and sash retainers.

If the owner of the house where vinyl Harvey Windows are installed sells their property, the new owner gets only 20 years of coverage from the manufacturing date.

In addition, the warranty only covers manufacturing and workmanship defects. 

There’s also a limited 10-year paint warranty for Harvey Windows vinyl windows.

Should these windows have defects that lead to cracking, warping, rotting, peeling, and blistering of the paint, they can be replaced, but only if the problems were caused by poor manufacturing.

As for Harvey Windows’ Majesty Custom Clad Wood Windows, the warranty lasts only 10 years.

It covers wood and aluminum structural members, provided that the entirety of the exposed wood has had 48 hours to seal after the installation.

Both Harvey Windows window types have a 20-year warranty on insulating glass.

It protects against the formation of film or dust accumulation on the interior window surfaces.

However, when it comes to Harvey Majesty Wood Windows, this warranty is prorated by 50% after the first 10 years and 25% between years 16 and 20.

Did you know? The Harvey Window warranty doesn’t cover damage from windstorms, earthquakes, salt and acid rains, lighting, extreme heat, and other natural circumstances. If you live in an area where these occurrences are frequent, carefully read through the warranty first.

New Construction vs Replacement Windows Cost

The installation cost of replacement windows is difficult to measure if you’re simply installing new windows in existing window holes.

However, the price can be higher if you’re drastically changing the size of your windows.

However, replacing your windows won’t solve underlying problems, if there are any.

There could be wood rot or gaps that simple replacement just won’t fix. In this case, new windows are a better option in the long run.

Pro Tip: Installing multiple windows at once can lower your overall project cost because it primarily reduces labor costs. In addition, some window installation companies offer deals that grant you one window for free or reduce the overall price if you opt for window installation for a whole room or house.

Harvey Windows Reviews

As with many window brands, some customers have had pleasant experiences while others provided negative comments.

When it comes to Harvey Windows, the majority of consumers have had favorable outcomes regarding their window installation.

However, many customers view them as “good, but not the best.”

They have a solid energy-efficiency rating and an advantage regarding customization options. But not much is exceptional from them.

In addition, they don’t offer many window lines.

Several customers also claim that Harvey Windows’ lines vary in quality.

Furthermore, some even complained that their windows came with broken sashes or left a gap that let a draft inside the house post-installation.

How Does Harvey Windows Compare To Other Companies?

Before you opt for Harvey Windows, it’s vital to analyze its products compared to other window brands.

Harvey Windows vs Andersen

Compared to Harvey Windows, Andersen is a veteran in the window industry and displayed consistency in terms of reputation and quality.

As a result, Andersen windows are generally more expensive.

Andersen also offers window materials other than wood and vinyl. They provide fiberglass, fibrex, and aluminum windows.

Still, both companies offer custom-made windows apart from their standard offers. 

The warranty coverage of both brands is also similar when it comes to glass and wood components.

But Harvey offers a longer warranty for their vinyl products than Andersen.

One thing that creates a drastic difference between these two brands is the place of manufacturing.

While Harvey Windows are exclusively made in the U.S., Andersen also manufactures its products in Italy and Canada.

Harvey vs Marvin

Marvin is another window manufacturer that has built its reputation as a good window brand.

But one main difference between Marvin and Harvey Windows is that Harvey doesn’t sell vinyl windows.

Meanwhile, Marvin only makes wood, aluminum, and fiberglass windows.

Marvin makes up for this limited line with three large collections, 10 window styles, and 19 astonishing color options.

In terms of cost, Marvin’s windows are slightly pricier than Harvey’s.

As for the warranties, Harvey has a slightly better warranty.

Marvin generally offers a 10-year warranty for most products and their parts, while Harvey Windows has a 20-year warranty for glass and a limited lifetime warranty for vinyl windows.

Harvey vs Pella Windows

Pella has been in the industry slightly longer than Harvey Windows.

Pella generally offers similar products as Harvey but for a slightly more affordable price.

The main difference between the two brands is their warranty transferability.

While both provide strong warranties, Pella’s warranty is tied to the owner rather than the property.

The length of the transferred warranty is also half of the duration provided by Harvey Windows.

On the other hand, Pella is more widespread than Harvey Windows and provides services in nearly all states.

Harvey Windows vs Provia Windows

Harvey Windows and Provia Windows are similar in terms of window style offerings.

In addition, they both offer a high degree of customization.

However, Provia is more focused on vinyl windows and only offers wood-clad windows that are essentially vinyl.

Both brands have limited lifetime transferable warranties for their vinyl windows.

They promise high performance, exceptional durability, and superior weather ability for their products.

Harvey Windows vs Mathew Brothers

The differences between Mathew Brothers and Harvey Windows aren’t major, but there are several things worth noting.

They both offer two lines of windows, with wood and vinyl as the main materials.

Both utilize different methods to make their windows durable and high-performance, but Harvey Windows’ products are considered better quality.

Regarding warranties, both have limited lifetime coverage for their vinyl windows.

But as mentioned previously, Harvey only offers a 10-year warranty for its wood products.

The last difference is in the price.

Harvey Windows is more expensive than Mathew Brothers, especially their Majestic Wood line.

Harvey vs Simonton Windows

Simonton and Harvey Windows generally offer the same products with similar warranties.

However, Simonton is more affordable and available nationwide as opposed to Harvey, which caters to a specific region and a specific climate.

Simonton customizes their windows to match the needs of any area.

Another difference is that Simonton products can be found at big-box stores, while Harvey Windows doesn’t sell to retailers. 

Harvey vs Seaway Windows

Like Harvey Windows, Seaway Windows is more of a regional than national window manufacturer.

Seaway is a relatively small manufacturer, so you might not get much information about its products.

However, you can schedule a factory visit and see the windows for yourself.

Seaway offers similar windows styles as Harvey, although only made of vinyl. It has two lines, Encore and Ovation.

They both have limited lifetime warranties, which is the same as Harvey offers for its vinyl windows.

Harvey Window Energy Star Rating

Energy-Star-certified windows turn your home into a more energy-efficient building and save you money on utility bills.

Furthermore, with your home becoming more sustainable, you might qualify for various federal or state rebates.

Harvey Windows’s products are equipped with high-thermal-performance elements, extraordinary weatherstripping, and low-E glass containing insulating gases between multiple panes.

The best window in terms of energy efficiency is the Harvey Tribute double-hung window. Although it’s a wooden window, it provides the security and comfort of vinyl.

How Long Do Harvey Windows Last?

Based on customer reviews, Harvey Windows last from 15 to 20 years.

Did you know? Regardless of the brand, most windows typically last about 15-20 years.

Do Harvey Windows Have A Lifetime Warranty?

Of all the Harvey Windows products, only their vinyl windows have a lifetime warranty for the frame, screening, and component mechanical parts. 

Who Manufactures Harvey Windows?

 Harvey Building Products manufacture Harvey Windows and are mainly distributed through wholesalers who deal directly with construction companies.

Are Harvey Windows Made In The USA?

Harvey Windows are designed and made in the U.S.

Are Harvey Windows Good Quality?

Harvey Windows knows its customers in the northeastern U.S. and matches its products’ quality to fit their demands.

They might offer fewer window types than other window brands, but that allows them to focus on improving their quality.

What’s more, the customization options enable each homeowner to tailor their windows’ quality to their needs.

For a more budget friendly window replacement alternative, consider Alside Windows.

Safe Home With Harvey Windows

As a homeowner in New England and Mid-Atlantic states, you should consider Harvey Windows.

They have a wide variety of window styles and lines designed with your specific needs in mind.

You won’t have to worry about whether the windows align with your local codes or fit your climate.

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Price Range: $5,320 - $7,860
See costs in your area

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