Costco Gutter Guards Prices, Pros & Cons, Reviews (2024)

Typical Cost To Install Seamless Gutters Price Range: $890 - $1,320
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Homeowners looking to install new guttering should consider Costco gutter guards and gutter related products for their exceptional durability and reasonable prices.

Learning more about Costco gutter guards and gutter products will help you understand whether you should go with it. 

Use our gutter calculator to estimate Cost of Seamless Gutters and gutter guards, and location-adjusted price quotes based on gutter length and material type.

Average Cost Of Costco Gutters

Average Roof Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $850 - $1,135 (For 100 ft. of Gutters)
Low End
High End

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Before jumping into details about the total cost of Costco gutters, we need to clarify what the company sells.

Namely, if you’re looking for “regular” rain gutters that keep your home nice and dry, you won’t find them here.

The company’s a bit more specific with its assortment of gutters.

Costco gutter-related products include Yardistry gutters, Newville wood carports, and EasyOn Gutter Guards.

As you can imagine, summing up the average total costs of these products doesn’t make a lot of sense. So, we’ll introduce them one by one. 

Product Name Price
Yardistry Gutters $289.99-$399.99
Newville Wood Gazebo $2,999.99
EasyOn Gutter Guard $64.99-$234.99

Yardistry gutters you’ll find at Costco are designed for a specific model of wood gazebos with an aluminum roof.

They come in six sizes (to match six sizes of the wood gazebos) and cost between $289.99 and $399.99

Next, we have Newville wood carports.

They have a privacy wall and rain gutters that ensure rainwater and debris don’t throw a party on the roof and cause chaos.

The average price of these carports at Costco is $2,999.99.

The third gutter-related product Costco sells is EasyOn gutter guards.

The product is pretty self-explanatory.

It acts as a protector that shields your gutters from enemies like leaves, debris, and pests.

You’ll find many gutter guards on the market, but the ones Costco offers are top-notch.

They’re made of premium materials and can work with any type and size of gutters.

You have four available options that vary in width and length: 

  • 5 inches x 24 feet – $64.99
  • 5 inches x 100 feet – $194.99
  • 6 inches x 24 feet – $74.99
  • 6 inches x 100 feet – $234.99

Standard Rain Gutters and Their Average Cost

If you’re looking for Costco gutters, it’s possible you want standard rain gutters.

As we’ve seen, Costco doesn’t sell them, but you can find them in many home improvement stores.

We’ve summarized the average costs of installing rain gutters to help you plan your budget.

Before jumping to the total costs, let’s shed some light on how gutters are measured and sold.

You can purchase gutters in linear feet, i.e., 12 inches in a straight line.

Installing gutters on an average home requires 150-200 linear feet of materials. 

Let’s say you need 200 linear feet of gutters for your house. You can expect the total average cost of installing gutters to be between $517 and $1,560.

Of course, the price can be much higher and go well over $5,000.

Why is there such a big price difference? The answer is quite simple.

If you opt for the most affordable gutters and install them yourself, you won’t spend too much money on the project.

On the other hand, if you go for high-end gutters and hire the best contractor in the area for the job, you can’t expect a low price. 

Costco Gutter Services

As mentioned, Costco doesn’t sell gutters. Therefore, the company doesn’t offer gutter installation services.

However, there is a gutter-related service you’ll find at Costco: installing Gutter Helmet.

Gutter Helmet is a unique and patented system that shields your gutters from leaves, debris, pine needles, insects, rodents, birds, and a variety of problems that could cause damage.

The system is extremely resistant, and thanks to the PermaLife coating, it doesn’t require repainting.

Gutter Helmet won’t rust, corrode, chip, sag, or break even when exposed to harsh conditions. 

 The manufacturer (the company is also called Gutter Helmet) has been in the industry for over 40 years and has built an impeccable reputation.

Here are a few benefits of Gutter Helmet:

  • It lowers the need for regular maintenance.
  • It saves money on repairs.
  • It enhances your home’s curb appeal.

If you decide you want Costco to install Gutter Helmet, here’s how the process works:

  1. Schedule a free on-site consultation. 
  2. A Gutter Helmet expert will come to your home, inspect the location, and take measurements. They’ll introduce you to the different colors and styles of Gutter Helmet, listen to your needs, and help you find the best solution
  3. The expert will send a quote, and if you agree, you can schedule the installation.
  4. A Gutter Helmet dealer will come to your house and install the system.

Did you know? Gutter Helmet can handle 22+ inches of rain per hour. Since this scenario has never happened in the U.S., you can have peace of mind knowing your home is safe with this system.

Typical Cost To Install Seamless Gutters Price Range: $890 - $1,320
See costs in your area

Costco Gutters Warranty

Costco sells three gutter-related products with different warranty policies. 

Yardistry gutters for wood gazebos have a one-year warranty on material and workmanship defects.

EasyOn gutter guards come with a 25-year warranty, while the Newville carport has a two-year limited warranty covering defects in workmanship and materials.

Costco Gutter Guards Reviews

Sure, reading about a product’s specifications is important, but these technicalities can’t tell you its real-life performance.

If you want to learn whether a product is worth your time and money, you should always check online reviews.

The reviews for Costco gutter-related products are mostly positive.

Customers are satisfied with the quality, durability, and ease of installation.

Those who bought their products online enjoyed the purchasing process, and most had no issues with the delivery.

Many people praise Costco’s Gutter Helmet installation services.

They point out that the system is simple and effective and can’t believe they didn’t consider installing it sooner.

That said, not all reviews are stellar.

Some customers had delivery issues and received damaged products.

While they managed to get a refund, they said that the process was lengthy.

Typical Cost To Install Seamless Gutters Price Range: $890 - $1,320
See costs in your area

Installing Costco Guttering

All Costco gutter-related products are suitable for a DIY installation.

Keep in mind that some products (like the Newville carport) aren’t intended for a solo installation. You’ll need at least three more people to set up this item.

If you’re wondering how to install standard rain gutters, you can find plenty of detailed instructions and video tutorials online.

Pro Tip: Gutter manufacturers typically offer valuable installation tips on their websites, so you should definitely check them out.

Go With Costco Gutters

If you’re looking for standard rain gutters, you won’t find them at Costco.

But, if you want a wood gazebo with gutters, a top-quality carport, or high-performing gutter guards, Costco is the place to go.

The company’s customer service, wide selection of products, and great prices are always appealing.

Typical Cost To Install Seamless Gutters Price Range: $890 - $1,320
See costs in your area
Typical Cost To Install Seamless Gutters Price Range: $890 - $1,320
See costs in your area

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