Is Foundry Siding Worth It?

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As a first line of defense against the elements, getting quality siding is important to protect your house.

Homeowners might feel a bit concerned about the costs of first-rate siding, but quality doesn’t always have to come with an expensive price tag. You don’t have to break the bank to get beautiful looking siding, and there’s always a style that can fit your budget.

Below, we’ll introduce you to Foundry Siding, a top-of-the-line brand which offers an excellent selection of siding types for your home.

We’ll show the material costs for each style and see how they compare with other top brands on the market.

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What Is Foundry Vinyl Siding?

Foundry Specialty Siding is a brand under Westlake Royal Building Products which offers attractive sidings which don’t compromise on durability.

They bring together the looks of wood siding with the toughness of vinyl siding while keeping installation quick and easy. All of the items in their catalog have been designed with both homeowners and contractors in mind.

How Much Does Foundry Siding Cost?

Among popular vinyl siding brands, Foundry siding stands out as being on an expensive side. On average you can expect to spend $1.9-3.4 per square foot on Foundry siding materials.

Together will professional labor your total installation cost for Foundry siding will be $4.5-8 per square foot.

Installed on a 2,000 sq.ft. house, Foundry siding will cost $9,000 – 16,000.

Product Price per 10 sq ft. Features
Foundry Siding   Diverse wood grain design. Wide variety of styles and colors.
Foundry Rounds $22.50  
Grayne 7.5 Inch $37.50  
Grayne 5 Inch $18.75  
7 Inch Perfection $31.50 – $34.90  
7 Inch Split Shake $31.50 – $34.90  
10 Inch Staggered Shake $31.50 – $34.90  
7 Inch Staggered Shake $31.50 – $34.90

You can use our Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of installing siding on your home.

Cost of Foundry Siding vs Other Vinyl Siding Brands

Here is a table breaking down the costs and features of the top vinyl siding manufacturers compared to Foundry Siding.

Product Price per 10 sq ft. Features
Foundry Siding   Diverse wood grain design. Wide variety of styles and colors.
Foundry Rounds $22.50  
Grayne 7.5 Inch $37.50  
Grayne 5 Inch $18.75  
7 Inch Perfection $31.50 – $34.90  
7 Inch Split Shake $31.50 – $34.90  
10 Inch Staggered Shake $31.50 – $34.90  
7 Inch Staggered Shake $31.50 – $34.90  
Alside   Durable and tough sidings. Limited design choices.
Low End $29.00  
Mid Range $33.00  
High End $42.00  
Georgia Pacific   Wide product selection. Wider range of prices.
Low End $12.00 – $19.00  
Mid Range $16.80 – $25.20  
High End $24.00 – $33.60  
Kaykan   Great selection of Lap, Vertical, and Insulated sidings. Relatively cheaper. Limited shingle choices.
Low End $7.50 – $9.50  
Mid Range $12.00 – $12.50  
High End $19.00 – $32.00

Types of Foundry Siding

Below is a list of Foundry Specialty Siding’s products along with a quick description and material costs.

Shape Siding

As the name suggests, shape sidings have designs based on geometric shapes creating a simple, yet elegant look for your home’s exterior.

Foundry Rounds

Made popular due to its familiar geometry, the Foundry Rounds siding is a versatile style that can add interest to any exterior wall. Crafted from genuine cedar molds, these round sidings have grain and saw mark highlights that further add to its authentic feel.

With ten standard colors in stock and special colors available for order, homeowners can mix and match sidings for enhanced effects. The Foundry Rounds style is perfect for those who want simple yet classy exteriors.

Price: $22.50 per 10 sq ft.

Shingle Siding

Wood shingles have been a traditional home exterior for the longest time, so it’s not surprising that this current interpretation is quite popular as well. Shingle sides are perfect for those looking for a rustic style but don’t want to give up on modern durability.

Grayne 7.5 Inch Shingles

With its realistic wood grain and saw marks, Grayne Shingles offer amazing curb appeal by replicating the look of cedar wood shingles.

Easy to install and requiring very little maintenance, these are a great choice for those who want a rustic feel to their home exteriors. This particular model comes in 7.5-inch shingle sizes and is available in a wide variety of colors.

Price: $37.50 per 10 sq ft.

Grayne 5 Inch Shingles

If you’re looking for vinyl siding that emphasizes the look and feel of real cedar wood, then the Grayne 5Inch Shingle is an excellent option.

This siding offers realistic wood grains and saw marks that you’ll have to look closely to realize was made from vinyl.

Increase the curb appeal of your home without having to trouble yourself with additional maintenance of wooden shingles. This model has 5-inch shingles and is available in a large selection of color schemes.
Price: $18.75 per 10 sq ft.

Foundry 7 Inch Perfection Shingles

A perfect balance between the texture of shake siding and the clean lines offered by shingle siding, the Foundry Perfection Shingles offers excellent durability and beauty.

Fire-resistant and with double protection against UV rays, these shingles can withstand the harshest weather conditions. Protect your home in style with these amazing shingle sidings.

Price: $31.50 – $34.90 per 10 sq ft.

Did you know? Cedar has been the wood of choice for siding material for hundreds of years due to its natural beauty and low maintenance requirements.

Split Shake Siding

The term split shake comes from the process in which this siding type is made. Shingles are split from the original wood which makes the shingle, and shake is the name for the board in which the shingles are nailed.

The term split shake eventually became a common name for all wood shingles, but the particular process in which it’s made gives split shakes a rather unique look.

Foundry 7 Inch Split Shake

If you want a warm and authentic texture on your exterior siding, then the Foundry 7 Inch Split Shake is a great choice. Created from scores of actual cedar molds, these vinyl sidings have the look of hand-split shingles with unique looking grains.

These random grooves offer amazing interplay between shadows and light, and provide a very beautiful aesthetic without the need for extensive maintenance.

Coated in a durable ASA cap to protect it from UV rays, this product will keep its looks for years even in the worst weather. Made with fire-resistant materials, these shingles will enhance your home’s appearance for years after installation.

Price: $31.50 – $34.90 per 10 sq ft.

Staggered Shake Siding

Named for the uneven size of each shingle, staggered shake siding adds a very unique and rustic look to one’s home. If you want a design that will stand out from the others, then shingle types are definitely worth a look.

Foundry 10 Inch Staggered Shake

If rustic charm is what you need for your home’s exterior, then the irregular keyways and butt-ends of these shingles are a definite pick. Molded from numerous cedar shingles, these vinyl sidings offer a diverse array of patterns and textures making them look more authentic.

Thanks to the durable ASA cap, these shingles are able to retain their color even when exposed to harsh weather. Tough and fire-resistant, this siding will keep looking great for years to come.

Price: $31.50 – $34.90 per 10 sq ft.

Foundry 7 Inch Staggered Shake

If you’re a fan of the traditional look of wooden staggered shake siding but don’t want the inconvenience of wooden shingles, then Foundry sidings are for you.

Made from durable vinyl material and molded after real cedar shingles, you’ll enjoy both the rustic look of authentic wood shingles and the durability of vinyl sidings. Fire-resistant and UV proof, expect many years of service from these remarkable sidings.

Price: $31.50 – $34.90 per 10 sq ft.

Pro Tip. Use galvanized nails when installing your sidings. Galvanized nails are resistant to weather corrosion and will complement your vinyl siding’s durability. Nails should be at least two inches long, but use longer nails when attaching shingles over rigid foam.

Foundry Siding Features

Foundry Specialty Sidings have a variety of features that make them an attractive option for homeowners and contractors alike. These features are:

Durable ASA Cap

Foundry Siding’s durable ASA cap allows these shingles to maintain their vibrant colors far longer than regular shingles. This cap provides UV protection allowing this product to withstand damage from the elements.

Fire Resistance

Foundry Shingles are fire-resistant offering another layer of protection for your home. This level of toughness ensures that these shingles can stand up to the rigors of any environment.

Diverse Wood Grain and Saw Point

Foundry shingles are created from hundreds of cedar shingle molds to ensure that they give diverse textures and wood grain designs. This variety makes these sidings look authentic and enhances its traditional aesthetic.


When Installed properly, Foundry vinyl siding will last for a long time and will withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Unlike wood, this siding is not susceptible to rot, and is designed for longevity. Foundry Siding comes with UV and fire resistance to ensure years of amazing service.

Various Colors

Foundry Sidings are always stocked in several regular colors, but are available for order in various other Foundry color styles. Check out the Foundry Catalog to see which ones may suit your home’s particular theme.

Solid Warranty

Foundry Siding is covered by a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty. To learn about the specific terms and conditions, please refer to Foundry’s warranty page for more information.

Advantages Of Foundry Vinyl Siding

Foundry vinyl siding have become quite popular among homeowners primarily because of the advantages that they offer. Here are just a few of the benefits that come with using this siding:

Authentic Wood Look
Ease of Installation
Minimal Maintenance
Energy Efficiency

Disadvantages of Foundry Siding

Foundry vinyl siding isn’t perfect however, and here are some disadvantages that you must consider before making your final selection:

Potential Water Damage

If installed poorly, Foundry vinyl siding can trap water between the shingles leading to a buildup of moisture. This in turn can lead to mold, termites, or water damage.

During installation care should be taken to ensure that the edges have been caulked properly and no openings are left for water to seep into.

Environmental Impact

Vinyl isn’t a naturally occurring material, and thus it takes more energy to produce in comparison to cement or aluminum sidings.

In addition, most recycling centers won’t accept items made from PVC, so care must be taken when disposing of old vinyl shingles. However, due to its durability, vinyl siding rarely needs to be replaced, thus minimizing waste.

Did you know? The term shiplap or lap siding came from the practice of nailing long planks of wood onto the sides of homes making the walls look like old sailing ships.

This isn’t surprising given that they were done by immigrants from England, many of whom had experience in shipbuilding.

Foundry Siding vs Alside Siding

Lets take a look at how Foundry siding stacks up against one of the biggest vinyl siding brands, Alside.

Except for its premium line, Alside offers a relatively cheaper option for vinyl siding, though it’s limited in size and color when compared to the selection offered by Foundry.

Alside sidings are said to be a bit harder to install, which can affect labor costs in the long run.

Similar to Foundry, Alside also offers a limited lifetime warranty for their products.

Alside siding offerings are priced per 10 sq ft as follows:

Low End: $29.00
Mid-Range: $33.00
High End: $42.00

Foundry vs Georgia Pacific Siding

Georgia Pacific is another top vinyl siding manufacturer that offers a great selection when it comes to design and color.

They have earned a reputation in the market regarding the durability and resilience of their products. In comparison to price, their low-end prices are relatively lower than Foundry’s though high-end items are within the same price range.

Georgia Pacific produces high-quality vinyl siding, though darker colored shingles have been reported to fade faster than normal.

Some homeowners also report that after 10-12 years their sidings tend to become brittle and have a tendency to crack when struck with hard objects. Overall, they offer a great selection of items with a wide variety of styles.

Here is how much you can expect to spend on 10 sq.ft. of Georgia Pacific Siding

Low End: $12.00 – $19.00
Mid-Range: $16.80 – $25.20
High-End: $24.00 – $33.60

Foundry Siding vs Kaycan Siding

Kaycan is a popular brand for vinyl siding, though its choices for vinyl shingles is limited to their Perfection 7 Inch rustic collection.

Much of Kaycan’s vinyl siding is limited to vertical siding, lap siding, and insulated siding. They’re nice to look at, but they don’t offer the same wood grain designs that Foundry has.

Kaycan siding pricing is as follows:

Low End: $7.50 – $9.50
Mid-Range: $12.00 – $12.50
High End: $19.00 – $32.00

Note, that the costs shown above only refer to materials. Labor costs vary greatly depending on where you’re located. Contact a local contractor for their specific labor quotes.

Can Foundry Vinyl Sidings Withstand High Winds?

Yes. Foundry Vinyl Sidings have been rated to withstand winds of over 150 mph, making them perfect for Gulf Coast areas.

Is Foundry Siding Worth It?

If you’re looking for a stylish way of protecting your home, then look no further than Foundry Vinyl Sidings.

Foundry siding will give your home the beauty of wooden shingles without having to worry about durability or maintenance. These are definitely some of the best-looking sidings available, and at a comparable cost to other high-end brands.

Average Cost to Install
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
Low End
High End

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